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Episode 204: Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

Episode 204: Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

Freetown Sound, the latest LP from Blood Orange (aka singer/songwriter and composer Dev Hynes), was already one of the most anticipated releases of 2016 when it dropped. But nobody could have been prepared for the seemingly infinite amount of sonic truths, social commentary, and emotional revelations set free with each successive listen.

 Great albums are easy to spot coming down the pipe. Important albums only come along when they’re most needed. Freetown Sound is both.

Come hang out with Kevin, Marcus K. Dowling (Getting Over) and Marcus J. Moore (Senior Editor, Bandcamp) for a spell to get to the bottom one of the best albums of the year.

And speaking of "best albums"..

Aaron "Ab" Abernathy's Monologue, a potent mix of old school funk, jazz, and good old-fashioned songwriting, is coming soon. Whet your appetite with the first single from this remarkable album, "Favorite Girl".