Linda Vista

INTERVIEW: Henry Wolfe

EDITORS NOTE: Kevin here. We'd like to take a minute real quick like to welcome Aubrey to the ChunkyGlasses team. From the depths of the Twitterverse, Aubrey rose up and wowed us with not only her writing talent, but her keen insights on modern music and the people who make it. This is her first piece for us, but expect to hear a lot more from Aubrey here throughout the coming year.

On January 18th, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with L.A.-based musician Henry Wolfe, when he and his backing band came to DC to play at DC9.  Wolfe’s third album, Linda Vista, came out last April.  Wolfe and his ensemble have been touring with fellow Los Angeles band “He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister” in the meantime.  

After pleasantries were exchanged (Henry is an incredibly nice and down-to-earth guy), I set about to ask him a range of both typical musical interview questions to learn more about his creative process, and a few more non-traditional questions to lure out some of his personal stories and personality.