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LIVE MUSIC: Gomez @ The 9:30 Club - 3/12/12

Sometimes seeing a band you used to love can be a lot like answering that drunken, 2AM phone call from an ex. You know it’s not a good idea, but you do it anyways. Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you’re bored.. Maybe you’re just taking advantage of a situation simply because you can. Invariably though, the reasons don’t matter, because the results are always the same. You wake up in the morning, likelihood of a hangover high, and spend the rest of the day dodging questions from your friends about what you did last night. Then, more often than not, you will spend the next few weeks avoiding phone calls from said ex until your next moment of weakness and the whole thing starts over again.  

Seeing Gomez last Monday at the 9:30 Club wasn’t quite that bad, but damned if they didn’t give that experience a run for its money.

WIN STUFF: 2 tickets to see GOMEZ @ The 9:30 Club on 3/12!!!

Let's try this again folks.

Last summer Gomez had to cancel their tour leaving you potentially lucky ticket winners in the lurch. Well be lurched no more because Gomez is back with their Quinceanera tour to celebrate their 15th year as a band.  Better yet - YOU get to pick the setlist. We're recommending "Hangover" and "In Our Gun" on repeat, but you can pick your favorite tracks (five of them!) by heading over to and casting your vote today.

To win  tickets all you've got  to do to A) Let us know what your favorite Gomez album is (it better be Liquid Skin people!) in the comments section below* or B) Watch our twitter feed for details on how to get your name in there TWICE! We'll announce the winner at the end of the day on Friday, so good luck and we'll see you at the show!

Daily Listen: Gomez - Hangover

We're giving away tickets to see Gomez at the 9:30 Club next Monday, so it only seemed appropriate that we take some time to showcase how this band got to be the Gomez that everyone knows and loves today.

This opening track to Gomez's sophomore effort, Liquid Skin was my entry point into the band (after the mad ravings of some good friends), and it remains one favorite Gomez tracks to this day.

Look under the hood of this song and you'll find every single disaparate element of a Gomez song represented, and in doing so you'll see why their songs, especially on their first three albums work so well as slightly off pop that you can't stop listening to.

Funky? Folky? Rocky? Who knows, but it pleases the ears greatly, so why complain! Be warned though. This one's gonna suck you in.

Gomez - Hangover

Like it? Great! Now go win yourself some tickets!

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