M. Ward

LIVE MUSIC: M. Ward @ The 9:30 Club - 5/13/12

You get out of a show what you put into it. Whether you come in elated, dejected, fist-pumping, drunk, whatever, your own mood often affects your experience as much as the artist’s performance. I walked into M. Ward on Sunday at the 9:30 Club as a battered long-time fan of our nation’s Capitals, who had watched her team squander a sparkling run of 13 playoff hockey games with one massive clunker of a loss to the NY Rangers the night before - I felt like I’d been kicked repeatedly by a lead boot for 24 straight hours. But when M. Ward quietly entered the stage and opened his set with the acoustic, enchanting “Clean Slate,” it felt like he was placing butterfly stitches on the gaping wounds in my psyche, and the rest of the evening was a sort of  restorative magic.

ChunkyGlasses THE PODCAST - Episode 5: Taking Off The Sock

In which the team seeks answers to universal mysteries like catfights at a Magnetic Fields show, Star Wars disco, and  Kevin offers up tips on how to prevent a bear attack PLUS new music from M. Ward, Alabama Shakes, Eidolons, Chromatics and Colorado's Lumineers. 

So grab a seat, grab a beer and strap in, because this might get ugly.