Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco @ 9:30 Club - 5/23/2017

Mac DeMarco @ 9:30 Club - 5/23/2017

Freewheeling guitars, puns, and crowdsurfing teenagers? Sounds like a Mac DeMarco concert.

The Canadian singer-songwriter released his 3rd full-length album This Old Dog in 2017, and the album is just as introspective as ever, with added vintage synths providing some extra flair to Mac DeMarco's...Mac DeMarco-ness. While the album on a whole sounds more subdued than his previous offerings, it hasn't caused DeMarco and company to slow down their infamous antics too much. In fact, the first night of their sold-out two-night run at 9:30 Club proved that DeMarco and company won’t be calming down anytime soon. (Trigger warning: fidget spinners are involved.)

Episode 131 - Mac DeMarco - Another One / Ultimate Painting - Green Lanes

Episode 131 - Mac DeMarco - Another One / Ultimate Painting - Green Lanes

This week on the podcast we’ve got new faces, man tears, invaders from Canada and two groovy cats from across the pond. First up, it’s already July 71st and we STILL don’t have a new Frank Ocean album. In age of surprise album drops, does the “tease then delay” release strategy really work? More to the point, is a world without Boys Don’t Cry any kind of world at all?

Next up -  Beloved by many, and confusing to some, Mac DeMarco is continuing his chill ride to the top of the world with a new “mini-LP” entitled Another One. Is life in DeMarco’s world one big brah-cation, or is there something more to this joker. On the other side of this coin lies the groovy cats of Ultimate Painting. With their second album Green Lanes, Jack Cooper (Mazes) & James Hoare (Veronica Falls) double down on the relaxed vibes they delivered on their 2014 debut to make a strong case for the art of leisure.

And last but not least - Johnny Krueger, formerly of Austin’s Hundred Visions has birthed an eleven minute opus of riffage, rage and volume. We share a track from his Explicit Power  to finish of the podcast with a kerrrrrrang. All of this, plus Eduardo joins the gang too on Episode 131 of ChunkyGlasses: THE PODCAST! 

TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #2 Mac DeMarco - "Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans"

SOUNDS LIKE: The best Canadian export knows exactly what he's doing
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The immediate and infectious riff, atop a groovy croon, makes this #2 in 2012

Almost a year before coming out with what is my pick for 2012's Album Of The Year, Canada's Mac DeMarco came down with a bout of tonsillitis.  Now, most of the time you would think this would sideline a musician from making a record, but boy did someone prove us wrong.  Instead of resting up on bowls of ice cream, DeMarco kept chain smoking his Viceroy's and started recording the first EP under his own name, Rock & Roll Night Club. The songs contained found the pitch of his voice turned down to accomodate for his illness, and also the songs were slowed down too.  But it didn't matter, whether at their normal speed or slowed down to the speed of molasses coming out of a jar, the kid knew what he was up to.   Earlier this year, DeMarco's signed with the burgeoning Brooklyn label Captured Tracks and released Night Club in March, and introduced American audiences to Mac with one of the best songs to come out of The Great White North in years.

"Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans" features everything that is great about each song DeMarco puts out.  His abundant sense of humor, tongue firmly planted in his cheek forever, matches wit with his rather impeccable guitar playing.  His guitar cost him a few hundred bucks, he's only owned so far in his life, and the hunk of junk makes a rather impressive sound.  He created his own genre, jizz jazz, a nod to his preference for jazz guitar style playing, ever apparent on "Blue Jeans".  The lyrics tell that of a simple tale, no metaphor to be decoded.  A man with a penchant for denim sees a woman who's rocking a pair of Lee's, and he takes her home.  While the rest of the lyrics would work great as a sales pitch for any brand of denim, the sliding scale of melody in the chorus becomes forever trapped in your head from the second you hear it. You think listening to it again and again will get it out of your memory, but instead it just leaves you wanting to hear the song over and over and over and ..... well, you get the idea.

Anybody who knows me knows that this guy and this song took of my life this year.  I just hope it's finally time you, dear reader, let Mac DeMarco take over your life, too.

REVIEW: Mac Demarco - 2

Mac DeMarco should be embarrassed and Ariel Pink should be proud. Mac embarrassed because people keep comparing him to the drugged up, dragged out spectacle of fodder that the Pitchfork scene just loves to eat up. Ariel proud because they keep comparing this up and coming youngster to the indie patriarch that frankly, he is not. Mac DeMarco is the latest in a burgeoning group of artists coming from the Great White North; to this writer he is the greatest Canadian export since Kids In The Hall, Broken Social Scene, or Japandroids. He adopted the genre of jizz jazz: he has an affinity for jazz guitar, and as for the jizz part, he’s just a 22-year-old looking to make the people laugh. Where Ariel failed with another so-so notch in his bedpost with Mature Themes, Mac succeeds with his debut LP, the coyly yet accurately titled 2.

Mac is like many of his contemporaries in that 2 is chock full of future hits wrapped in the past. Each of its 11 songs could easily find their home on a Nuggets comp of the 1960s just as much as they could be on Time Life’s AM Gold in the 1970s. On this year’s Rock & Roll Night Club EP, he indulged himself in the things Mr. Pink might do and what Mac once did in his old band Makeout Videotape. The Betamax hiss gave way to a VHS-like upgrade in quality, while the pitch of his voice was deliberately tampered with, and the tape speed of songs were manipulated to go faster or slower than they were originally. Mac trades all of those facets in for simplicity this time around.

TRACKING: Mac Demarco - "My Kind Of Woman"

SOUNDS LIKE: Ariel Pink, Kurt Vile, Elvis (both of ‘em)
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This lazy, hazy love song is just what the doctor ordered.

“My Kind Of Woman”, the first single from Canadian songsmith Mac DeMarco’s upcoming LP 2 is the logical step in total Mac Attack domination that this world needs. If you’ve ever heard “Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans” of off this year’s Rock and Roll Nightclub, then you’ve probably had it on repeat for months just like the rest of us.  

This time around DeMarco’s production is cleaner, less manipulated, so you finally get to hear Mac sing the way we should always hear him. His songs are simple, and his sense of humor is still intact, but “Woman” displays a sincerity that some of his previous outings may have been lacking. As the song sways back and forth while he simply begs for some quality time for a girl he’s pining over, his jazz guitar influence remaining prominent and unique. If this track is any indication of what’s in store on LP 2, then DeMarco may have a hit on his hands, or at the very least something we simply can’t stop listening to.