Matt Mondanile

TRACKING: Ducktails - "Under Cover"

SOUNDS LIKE: A dreamy, nostalgic tribute to 70s roller rinks, disco ball and all. 

When not recording or touring with New Jersey indie rockers Real Estate, guitarist Matt Mondanile takes on his Ducktails monkier. Mondanile has been quite prolific under his solo side project, releasing numerous EPs and full-length albums, the most recent being this year's The Flower Lane

On the third track of Flower Lane, "Under Cover," Mondanile wastes no time making his intention known. "Under, do you want to go under the covers?" he suavely asks with a delicate layer of synth, guitar, drum, and saxophone in the background to help woo the addressee into his bed. Mondanile flirtatiously repeats the question multiple times, abstractly adding "When you're alone in the middle of the night, what do the streetlights say to your eyes?" for good measure. A little more than halfway through the six-minute song, the underlying instrumentals crescendo, announcing the forthcoming groovy, powerful sax solo that sends the song off into its finishing seconds. Undoubtedly, by the track's finish, that special someone has been won over by Mondanile's advances.