Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim @ 9:30 Club - 5/3/2018

Matt and Kim @ 9:30 Club - 5/3/2018

Twerking, circle pits, the wave, confetti, balloons, crowd surfing, and inflatable sex dolls. Just another night with Matt and Kim.

The indie-pop duo of drummer Kim Schifino and keyboardist Matt Johnson have consistently won over crowds since the mid-2000s, but they hit an inflection point when Scifino tore her ACL at a festival appearance in Mexico in March 2017. They cancelled their remaining tour dates, but a torn ACL can’t stop them - they went straight to recording their next and latest album, Almost Everyday. The album was released just two hours after the end of their 9:30 Club show and is seen as a lyrical shift for the fun-loving duo. Lead single "Forever" is as catchy as it is straightforwardly pessimistic about how things are going in the world right now. But while some of their lyrics have a bit less youthful abandon, their live show is one of the most exuberant and fun experiences you'll ever get to take part in.

“Forever” — Matt and Kim

“Forever” — Matt and Kim

Sounds Like:

Matt and Kim of the Sidewalks era, angry about the state of the world in 2018

Why You Should Care:

Long-running indie pop duo Matt and Kim know how to bring the energy through their upbeat anthemic sound, both on their records and on tour. Known for their dynamic live shows full of balloons, confetti, and notorious onstage antics (that led drummer Kim Schifino to a torn ACL on stage last year), Matt and Kim have shown an ability to constantly produce songs that put a smile on your face and send out good vibes. “Forever,” a collaboration with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, who provides guest vocals, is the first single from a yet-to-be-named sixth studio album.

“Forever” is classic Matt and Kim – full of handclaps, synth drum lines, and piano- based melodies – brought into the era of political protest. With a chorus of “I don’t want to live forever in this world of shit,” Matt and Kim reflect and share their perspective on the current state of affairs. Followed by lyrics like, “Things can’t stay, can’t stay like this”, their desire to rally people together to move beyond current challenges becomes clear. Matt and Kim write that this song and the upcoming album are a way for the duo to reflect on how “2017 was not a great year for us” and to “get stuff off our chest”.

Matt and Kim will perform at the 9:30 Club on May 2nd.

LIVE: Matt and Kim @ The 9:30 Club - 10/9/12

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WARNING: this review is rated "NC-17" and is not suitable for children, soccer moms, Labrador retriever puppies, and 85 percent of decent God-fearing Americans.

Matt Johnson, the first half of Brooklyn uber-duo Matt a Kim, doesn't just lace his onstage banter with F-bombs - he launches an assault on the English language with a barrage of F-bombs, F-landmines, and F-AK-47s, perhaps to compensate for looking like an overgrown choirboy. Kim Schifino, the other half of this insanely infectious partnership, complements the stage show with some of the dirtiest banter we’ve heard outside of the political debates. If you like your music reviews clean and are uncomfortable with mentions of condoms, pantslessness, and anal kegels, perhaps you should click over now and go see what the LOL Cats are up to. They’re so cavorty.

If you’re still with us, gird your loins and understand that there is no way to write a review of a Matt & Kim show that is one scintilla as entertaining as an actual Matt & Kim show. The 9:30 Club was packed -- there is sold out, and then there is SOLD THE FUCK OUT, but when you’re crammed into a raucous crowd filled with as much joy as was radiating out of every single pore down there last Tuesday, it works out just fine that every last ticket-holder showed up. Matt and Kim, the reigning prom king and queen of Indie Rock High School, barreled onstage with Matt waving a huge towel and Kim in a fluorescent yellow tank top that showed off her arms and her ink, while the crowd chanted “Matt and Kim, Matt and Kim” at the top of their lungs. It was like watching an encore erupt before the band even played a single note. Some of that energy should be laid at the feet of literal warm-up act Oberhofer, but much of it is a testament to how much this town loves some MandK.


We caught up with Brad Oberhofer just as he was just about to order his lunch at a Roly Poly sandwich shop in Atlanta. Nice guy that he is, he was amenable to letting us decide for him.

CG: How’s it going?

BO: It’s good man, we just played a college radio session and we’re at a place about to order some sandwiches. I’ve been staring at the menu for about ten minutes and I can’t decide between two.

CG: What are the choices?

BO: Well there’s the Hickory Christo, which has melted brie and Swiss cheese, spinach, mushrooms, tomato. It’s grilled, with a side of fresh dill horseradish sauce. And then there’s the Greek sandwich with baby spinach, tomato, onion, banana peppers, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, light feta, and sundried tomato basil dressing.

CG: I think anytime you can get something that horseradish on it, you’ve got go with horseradish.

BO: You think so?

CG: You find precious few sandwiches with horseradish on them. That sounds like a delight.

BO: That does sound really good. And it’s a hot sandwich. I think that is exactly what I’m going to get. Alright. I’m in line, sorry.

CG: How’s the tour with Matt & Kim going?

BO: Oh man, it’s so great right now. I mean, we’re getting along extremely well. Everyone in their crew is extremely accommodating. It’s great. This is probably the most rewarding tour so far that we’ve been on.

CG: I don’t know if you can come up with two acts that seem to enjoy playing live as much as you guys do. It’s an amazing pairing.

BO: Exactly. I think it’s great.

CG: How was your first 9:30 Club experience?

BO: Dude, it was amazing. Playing there for two nights – everyone, the whole crew at the 9:30 Club was the best most accommodating crew we’ve ever encountered. One second…

(He orders the Hickory Christo on wheat, and water. For here. Name’s “Brad.”)

BO: Sorry. Everyone else is eating so I gotta order now. Won’t be ready for a while though.

LIVE: Oberhofer @ The 9:30 Club - 10/9/12

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It should be hard to open for Matt & Kim, a duo firmly established at the top of the ever-expansive Brooklyn music scene, but apparently no one told Brad Oberhofer that he should be nervous. Currently touring with his self-named band - and if your last name is “Oberhofer” you should get the reward of naming your band after yourself for having to spell that 10,000 times just to get a pizza delivered - Oberhofer strode onstage at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday night like he owned the place. By the end of a tight and scortchy set of songs off his debut album Time Capsules II, we’d be hard pressed not to agree.

The first half was loud-loud-loud-in-yer-face RAWK - and please note that as I was typing my notes during the show, my phone autocorrected ‘rawk’ to ‘RAWK’ which from now on will be known as the Oberhofer Effect - and the band’s sheer volume of music was a better fit for the venue than for their previous run through town in June when they played a backstage show at Black Cat. Midway through the set Brad left the stage, a split-second later appearing on the right-hand balcony with his guitar and a shit-eating grin that wowed the figurative pants off the packed upper deck (more on loss of pants, and the constant threat thereof, in the Matt & Kim review - stay tuned, kids!).