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Newport Folk Festival 2019 Recap - 7/26/2019-7/28/2019

Newport Folk Festival 2019 Recap - 7/26/2019-7/28/2019

Sixty years on, there continues to be no other festival that promises unity and unforgettable moments as well as Newport Folk Festival does.

Episode 328: Best Of 2017

Episode 328: Best Of 2017

It's likely that we'll look back at 2017 as the year almost everything fell apart, downerism ruled the land, and we came very close to being broken as a people. 

But we didn't break. We made it. And on this final installment of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast for 2017, we're discussing the music that lifted us up, dropped us down, and sometimes even showed us the way, but never, ever let us down.

Thanks for tuning in all year. We'll see you soon. Until then be good to your ears, but be better to your people...

Episode 325: If All I Was Was Black - Mavis Staples

Episode 325: If All I Was Was Black - Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples, one of the greatest voices of this generation, or any, is back with a powerful new LP If All I Was Was Black. Continuing in her collaboration with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy in the production chair, the civil-rights icon is going back to her Chicago blues roots and delivering a powerful statement on racism in America in 2017.

PLUS! Robert Ellis and Courtney Hartman have teamed up for an album celebrating the music of John Hartford, and the iconic first single is just as exquisite as you would expect.

The List for 7/1/16 : John Carpenter, the master...musician

Things to put in your ears

Many people know John Carpenter as the director of such classic films as Halloween,The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China. However, currently Carpenter is touring the country (he makes a stop at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC on 7/12), to showcase his equally influential musical work. Today's list includes some of Carpenter's best compositions for film, selections from his recent Lost Themes albums, and compositions inspired by, or in conversation with, Carpenter's work. So, enjoy The List for now and go see the master himself if he's coming to your town.

Things to do with yourself/others

It's a holiday weekend here in DC and outside of watching things go BOOOOOOM there's some slim pickings, but here's our bets for the best way to spend your precious time.

Friday 7/1

  • Flag at the Black Cat
    DC is a town that loooves it's punk rock. These guys (Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson, Dez Cadena and Stephen Egerton) are some of the true originals. It doesn't get any louder than this

Sunday 7/3

Tuesday 7/5

Thursday July 7




Daily Watch: Mavis Staples w/Win Butler (Arcade Fire) - "The Weight"

In what seems to be becoming the thing to do this summer, yet another artist (it was Colin Meloy's turn at the Newport Folk Festival) has sat in with Mavis Staples on The Band's "The Weight". The great thing though is that great songs performed by great artists never ever gets old, especially when one of those artists is Staples. Check out the video below for all the Band-y goodness and then answer us the question, "Who do you think Mavis should cover 'The Weight' with next?"