LIVE: Melvins Lite @ The Black Cat - 10/8/12

The Melvins current tour is called 51 States in 51 Days, because they support statehood for DC and their show at the Black Cat was their 34th consecutive date. As the band themselves has stated numerous times, this is an insane endeavor. The only person to have accomplished anything close to it was George Thorogood and apparently he bitched out before finishing his tour. For “51 in 51,” they are doing things a little differently than they have the past half decade, which saw them performing as a monster 2-drummer setup with the members of the band Big Business. This time around Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover are playing as a three piece called Melvins Lite with virtuoso bassist Trevor Dunn (he of various Mike Patton-related projects, most famously Mr. Bungle).

Opening band Tweakbird were a lot of fun, reminiscent of Dead Meadow but with more delay pedals and noise. The lineup was cool: a guitarist/singer, a drummer/singer, and another drummer/singer; the two drummers were not onstage at the same time for every song. At some point toward the end of the set, the band messed up a song and restarted it twice with the guitarist telling the audience he didn’t give a shit about them and that the band was just going to go ahead and practice for the next night’s show, which was hilarious. After a few songs, the high-pitched harmonies began to grate a little and left me yearning for something a bit heavier to match the music