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LIVE MUSIC: White Rabbits @ The Black Cat 3/7/12

First things first. I love the band Spoon. If you’re reading this you probably also love the band Spoon. In fact I think it’s safe to say that just about EVERYONE loves the band Spoon.

But nobody loves the band Spoon more than White Rabbits.

Now before any of you White Rabbits super-fans get all “There is more to them than that.” or “Up yours, reviewer guy!”, know that while that kind of statement is usually reserved for bands who are struggling to find their own identity, in this case it’s quite the opposite. So while there’s no way to get around acknowledging, or even dwelling on White Rabbits Spoon-ness (Spoon front man Britt Daniel even produced their second album, It’s Frightening, after all) it’s what they ultimately do with this “burden” that makes them one of the most exciting bands you’re likely to see this year.