BEST OF 2013: Madelyn's Picks

BEST OF 2013: Madelyn's Picks

10. Rhye - Woman

Here's hoping Rhye's Woman is what everyone buys their significant other for Valentine's Day next year because, man, does it hit you right in the feels. Milosh releasing a solo album in the latter half of this year could unfortunately signal that Rhye has already come and gone. If that is the case, at least the enigmatic duo left the music world with an instantly classic album of heartfelt, honest love songs.

Best of 2013 (So Far): Andrew's Picks

10. Deerhunter – Monomania

When not in various side projects, the members that make the Atlanta five-piece write under the prolific name Deerhunter. With that said, Bradford Cox and his group have recorded a true garage rock classic that would make T. Rex proud. Standouts like “T.H.M.” and “Monomania” show the band leaning back toward the gritty feel of Cryptograms as apposed to their dreamy previous piece, Halcyon Digest.

9. Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus

The London duo have produced quite the aggressive album for the 2013 summer.  With everything from retro-gaming synths (Prince’s Prize) to chainsaw-house beats by way of Portishead (The Red Wing), Fuck Buttons have made another contribution to the electronic world after a stint of producing for the London Olympics.

8. Wild Nothing - Empty Estate EP

Jack Tatum has always referenced his love for 80’s dream pop but no album has come as close to that scene as Empty Estate. Tatum has stated that this EP finds him experimenting with new sounds (or at least new to him) and rightfully so. “A Dancing Shell” is the first time you’ll hear a sax in a Tatum-penned song.