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Episode 197: Diarrhea Planet - Turn To Gold

Episode 197: Diarrhea Planet - Turn To Gold

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant wrote some of the mightiest rock and roll songs of all time. Recently another artist made a claim to their throne and rock supremacy. They lost. We still have questions.

Nothing says America like some furious, turn-that-shit--to-eleven rock and roll, and nobody makes that music better in 2016 than Nashville's Diarrhea Planet. On their latest LP Turn To Gold, their opening up the throttle and taken everyone along for a quite righteous ride.

My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel released All Birds Say, his exception debut solo album back in 2010. Now he's back for round two on his upcoming 4th of July, and we've got taste for you. 

My Morning Jacket w/Jason Isbell @ Merriweather Post Pavilion - 7/26/15

My Morning Jacket w/Jason Isbell @ Merriweather Post Pavilion - 7/26/15

A swelteringly hot summer evening couldn’t stop the rock on Sunday night at Merriweather Post Pavilion, where My Morning Jacket and Jason Isbell came to share material from their recent albums and more.

A lauded guitarist and songwriter, Isbell released his fifth record,  Something More Than Free, just over a week ago. The album has already broken expectations by reaching number one on not just the country Billboard charts, but on the rock, indie, and folk charts as well. At the core of his 11-song opening set were five tracks from that album, along with several each from the previous two releases, Southeastern and Here We Rest. Longtime fans even got some service in “Decoration Day,” the title track of one the Drive-By Truckers – a band Isbell famously did some time in – most memorable albums.

Isbell’s songs are narratives; each one feeling like it has a story to tell, something which could easily be lost to an opening act in a venue the size of Merriweather where thousands of people are there only to see the main act (especially a quiet country artist opening for a rock band known for their much louder performances). But Isbell and his band the 400 Unit managed to draw the attention of that crowd surprisingly well, and by the end of his set he’d surely made more than a few new fans.

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We're sure you, like most of the ChunkyCrew, are dying to attend the Americanarama Festival of Music. Chances are the mini-festival's incredible bill doesn't need introduction, but here it is anyway - Bob freakin' Dylan, freakin' Wilco, and My Morning freakin' Jacket. But we've got one question...can you handle all the RAWK?! If you think you can, read on to find out how you can enter to win a pair of lawn tickets to the stellar, star-studded show at Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 23! 

As we all know, Bobby Dylan has aged quite a bit since his fresh-faced days playing Newport Folk Festival in '60's, but the legend is still going strong. Over fifty years into his career, at age seventy-one, the singer-songwriter released his thirty-fifth studio album, Tempest, in 2012. Although his unique voice is fading, music lovers and Dylan diehards continue to flock Dylan's live shows and soak up any new material the creative genius releases.

2012 Newport Folk Festival Recap: PART 1

Words by Andre and Kevin

2012’s Newport Folk Festival is now a thing of the past, and as expected the weekend ended up being yet another glorious celebration of music - albeit a slightly soggy one.

For fifty three years now, the Newport Folk Festival has been, and continues to be, the greatest American music festival in existence. Sure, it has evolved, and continues to evolve, beyond its “strictly folk” beginnings – that ship sailed in 1965 the moment Dylan plugged in – but it is that spirit of exploration,  that willingness to take risks, that makes this annual weekend by the bay what it is.

While other festivals try to include practically every band in existence, the organizers of the Newport Folk Festival picks acts that embody the spirit of the fest. Each artist is complementary in some way to the others,  which is a good thing because you’re lucky if you can make it through even one set with out a sit-in, or multiple sit-ins, by artists at the fest that weekend.

While other festivals seek to grow into the biggest MEGA FESTIVAL that they possibly can (looking at you Coachella /ACL), Newport welcomes a measly ten thousand people through its gates. Could they fit more? Sure. But by keeping attendance relatively low, it creates a familial vibe that permeates the festival grounds at Fort Adams.  You’re just as likely to run into an old friend walking around as you are Jackson Browne eating some clams from a local vendor.

The Newport Folk Festival is the place where music consistently comes alive in a way that is utterly unique, and this year was no exception. Yes, the rain came – at times in buckets - shortening sets and boosting poncho sales through the roof. But nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the artists or fans in attendance.

We’ll be talking about the fest in greater detail on a special edition of our podcast out later this week, but here are some of the highlights of the fest as we saw it.




(See all of our shots from Friday right HERE)

We’ve managed to miss this crew from North Carolina each and every time they have come through DC. NEVER AGAIN. Delivering a set that was a gripping blend of psychedlia, folk and foot stomping rock, it is absolutely inconceivable that a stage smaller than the one at the Fort could ever contain them. Biggest surprise of the weekend, and it was the first one out of the gate taboot!


There's so much we could say here but we're gonna save it for our coverage of the festival. Suffice to say The Newport Folk Festival is not only one of the oldest fesitvals of it's kind in the country, but one of the most respected. Last years lineup was enviable for even the most shrewd of concertgoers and the question that was on everyone's lips was "How are they gonna top that?" 

Well the answer to that question was revealed when they released the lineup today, and it it seems to be simple: They're gonna go big. REAL BIG.

With acts like My Morning Jacket, Jackson Brown, Punch Brothers, Iron and Wine and more on the bill, this is sort of a no brainer. So make with the ticket buying (link below) because it WILL sell out, and then you'll be sad.

Check out the press release below for all the details. We'll see you by the sea at the end of July!

Daily Watch: "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around " - My Morning Jacket w/Neko Case AND Kelly Hogan -

Ok. So I said that the My Morning Jacket show last week might change you, and apparently it's changed us into raving fanboys. But we just can't seem to resist any cover that they're choosing to tackle right now...especially when you throw Neko Case AND Kelly Hogan up in the mix. It's a sort of sickness, but I'm not sure that we are looking for the cure.

Check out the video below to see the whole gang absolutely KILLING Tom Petty's classic "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". Then ask yourself why you haven't seen this tour yet and figure out how you're going to correct that problem.

Daily Listen: My Morning Jacket - Holdin On To Black Metal (LIVE)

In case you didn't know, My Morning Jacket absolutely DESTROYED Merriweather Post Pavilion last Friday. Giving a performance that could have been powered by the fires of hell itself, the band coalesced into nothing less than a hurricane of sound and fury...that loves you.

Lucky for you there were some upstanding individuals there to capture the evening. Actually, "upstanding" might not be the right word, because we can't seem to stop listening to the show. It's getting in the way of stuff dude. Actual stuff.

That aside we're pretty vocal about our support for the taping community here and this time is no different. The act of recording in a live setting like these individuals do is an art form in and of itself, but the fact that they make record of a performance and then spread it around is simply a gift. 

In this case, that gift is "Holdin On To Black Metal". I've always considered it a deeply silly, sorta failed song, but then Friday happened. There's no real way to convey the power of all those people singing along to the chorus, but hopefully this will give you a little hint of what it was like.

My Morning Jacket - "Holdin On To Black Metal" (LIVE)

Leave you wanting more? Well then why don't you go ahead and download the ENTIRE set and get hooked just like we are. Whether you were there and want to relive it, or you want to see what you missed, this one is a keeper.

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My Morning Jacket w/ Neko Case at Merriweather Post Pavilion - 8/12/11

My Morning Jacket w/ Neko Case at Merriweather Post Pavilion - 8/12/11

It’s been said that a My Morning Jacket concert has the ability to change you. That’s a bold claim. Rock you? Sure. Energize you? Most definitely. But change you? Pre Friday night, that assertion sounded to me as if it were uttered from the lips of the ultimate My Morning Jacket fanboy. Now, two days after, I have to say: I think they may have been right.

Before we get to all that though, let’s give the opener Neko Case and her band their due. Beautiful. Magestic. Heartfelt. Impeccable. Those are all words that could be used to describe Case. Possessing one of the strongest, most recognizable voices in music today, any chance you have to see her perform should be considered special.

Playing to the quarter-full pavilion (shame on you MMJ fans) as if they were playing to the sold out audience that they performed for in Charlottesville, Va. the night before, Case and her band delivered a quick set (40 minutes) that covered songs from most of her career, including a personal favorite “Knock Loud” from Canadian Amp. It was short, sweet and to the point. And for attendees who were smart enough to make it in time to catch her set, it was a remarkably intimate performance considering the size of the venue. It demonstrated that no matter where she plays, Neko Case is able to put you under her spell with grace and ease.

It should also be noted that enough praise cannot be heaped on Case’s current band, especially Kelly Hogan. Hogan’s voice, though not as recognizable, is also one of the strongest voices in music today. Case has been lucky enough to have had her by her side for pretty much her entire career.

Let’s also give Ms. Case her due for being spot-on about what was coming up . Remarking at the end of her set, “You won’t be the same afterwards,” “You’ll know what you’re supposed to do with your life.”, Case echoed the sentiment I had heard before and again, they were bold words. Only this time they came from someone who might know better than most...

Daily Watch: Neko Case AND My Morning Jacket LIVE at MPP tonight

In case you didn't know, the big show is coming to Merriweather Post Pavilion tonight. My Morning Jacket by themselves would be enough to say that this will be the best rock show you see all week, but then they had to go and throw Neko Case up into it. You read that right. Tonight's show just went from potentially epic to potentially epic-ER.

There's really not much to say about either artist that hasn't been said, so we'll just leave it at "KICK ASS" and let them convince you that it would be a mistake to not to pick up your ticket right freaking now!

First some Neko Case for your ass:

And then how about some My Morning Jacket

oh..and then there's this...

Resistance is futile folks. FUTILE!

Review: My Morning Jacket - Circuital

Let's get this out of the way— We all know that Jim James’s voice is 100% certified bad ass. The man can sing anything, anything at all, and somewhere deep inside, you WILL like it. Even haters of the band’s 2008 record Evil Urges, of which I am not one, couldn’t deny that no matter how strange, or just plain silly, the songs got, at least you could take comfort in the ghostly beauty of that voice.

On that album, instead of just hinting at (or if you prefer, half-assing) the child-like humor that many of My Morning Jacket’s previous songs cautiously flirted with, the band whole heartedly embraced the funny, and went as far as they could possibly go with it. It felt liberating even as a listener, so I can’t imagine what it was like for the band to finally get that off their chest. And that may be why Circuital, despite it being their sixth full length album, feels like a record that was made by a band caught squarely in the middle of a sophomore slump...

Daily Listen: My Morning Jacket - Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

Sometimes it's rocks. Sometimes it's weird. Sometimes it is deeply silly. Say whatever you like about My Morning Jacket's music, there is no way around the fact that Jim James' voice is a force of nature. Ferocious when he wants to be, gorgeous more often than not, when James opens his mouth to sing you are forced to listen up, even if the song itself isn't that great. Fortunately this song sort of is that great. 

This track from their new album Circuital shows off the softer, more contemplative (and I think better) side of My Morning Jacket by keeping it simple and just playing to the strenth of Jame's voice. It's an island in the middle of a somewhat uneven ocean of an album, but it makes the journey to this track very much worth it.

My Morning Jacket - "Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

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