Nada Surf

TRACKING BEST OF 2012 EDITION: #12 Nada Surf - "Looking Through"

SOUNDS LIKE: A return to rocking form for this Brooklyn band
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: It's immediate hook and danceable groove puts it at #12 on the list!

Sometimes when you add a new member to a band it could go either way, be the best thing you've ever done or not the best idea the band has ever had.  In the case of Brooklyn's Nada Surf, when you add former Guided By Voices axeman Doug Gillard to the fold it's win/win.  This is the case for much of their new album, the acclaimed The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy, and the raucous "Looking Through". 

Both the lyrics and addictive melody have nostalgia written all over it.  Lead singer Matthew Caws sings of getting older and looking back, wondering is life neverending?  Of course it's not, as Gillard tears up one of his signature solos as Caws ask "Are you dancing, are you dancing at all?"  If you're not, clearly you're missing out on one of the best songs this band has added to their catalog this year.  It's been awhile since Nada Surf have written a song, let alone an entire album, that is as good as what they gave us in 2012.  One could only hope it's a sign of a new breath and a new chapter to their career.


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