New Wave

TRACKING: Dead Professional - "Downtown At Sundown"

TRACKING: Dead Professional - "Downtown At Sundown"

SOUNDS LIKE: The Cars, ELO, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe….New Wave cool.
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Power pop ain’t dead, not by a longshot…in fact if you live in DC it’s being made in your own back yard.

Singer-songwriter John Harouf has pulled off one hell of a trick with his single “Downtown At Sundown.” Usually when you hear the words “DIY” there’s a 98% chance that the terms “Lo-fi” or “Garage” can’t be far behind. But “Downtown,” its engine fueled by simple drum machines, a punchy guitar, and a razor sharp sense of cool, escapes the pitfalls that those labels imply, and instead steers straight towards the days when “Eldorado” ruled the airwaves. Much like ChunkyGlasses favorites Hundred Visions, Harouf mines an era where having an image was all good and fine, but all the cool kids wrote simple, simply great, songs.

You can catch Dead Professional laying down the cool this Saturday (October 12th) at Iota in Arlington, VA.

PRESS PLAY: Cygnets - Teenager

Sounds Like: New Wave, Joy Division, that time you went through your goth phase
Why You Should Care: Danceable AND angsty? Yes please.

Described by some as  “the best British band not to come out of Britain”, Edmonton, Canada's Cygnets are just one more piece of evidence that Canada is coming for us, and they are coming soon. Dark, danceable synth laden pop hasn't sounded this good since 1984, so break out the black eyeliner and starting writing in that diary again because Cygnets are aiming to rock you John Hughes style until the Duckies come home.