Nine Types of LIght

Daily Listen: TV On The Radio - Killer Crane

TV On The Radio's bassist Gerard Smith lost his struggle with lung cancer yesterday.

That f@#@ing sucks, and that's all there is to say about that. 

Here's a track from the phenomenal Nine Types Of Light, which was the last album he worked on with the band. To quote a comment on the bands Facebook post about the matter:

"Now there are TEN types of light."

 TV On The Radio - Killer Crane



Review: TV On The Radio - Nine Types of Light


With any new release from TV On The Radio you have to talk about two things. The first is the ridiculously high expectations that the band has put upon them by being one of the most consistently great acts in recent memory. The second is the fact that despite that consistency, you have no idea just what a new TV On The Radio record is going to sound like.

This band doesn’t necessarily push boundaries in the same way that say, Radiohead has in the past. Instead they push the boundaries of their identity as a band, never straying too far from some unidentifiable core that is TV On The Radio, yet managing to sound like a completely new band each and every time.