Old 97's

Episode 54: Tune-Yards / Old 97's

Episode 54: Tune-Yards / Old 97's

In this episode Kevin, Adam and Quinn convene in the rawk basement to get drunk and break shit while taking in Old 97’s latest, Most Messed Up…but not before they dive deep into Nikki Nack, the new record from TUNE-YARDS. PLUS! After seeing the tour closer at the 9:30 Club, Kevin commits to converting Adam over to the Future Islands cause. And the Pixies put out a new album last week? Without Kim Deal? What’s the world coming to? Go ahead and waste some time with us to find out!

TONIGHT! Rhett Miller @ Jammin' Java!

For almost 20 years now singer/guitarist Rhett Miller's main gig as been acting frontman for alt-country demigods Old 97's. Along the way though he's taken a few detours, and now on June 5th Miller is set to take his latest one when he releases The Dreamer, his sixth solo record, into the wild. A bit more rootsy, and stripped down than his previous efforts, Miller himself calls it "an intimate, rootsy record that would bridge the gap between my work with the Old 97′s and the solo albums I’ve made in the past."

The record doesn't  come out until tomorrow, but TONIGHT Rhett will be paying a visit to Vienna's own Jammin' Java to perform songs off of The Dreamer, his previous solo records, and maybe if you're real nice to him a few Old 97's favorites.

The show is sold out, so if you didn't get your tickets early then we'd say now is the time to hit up your old friend Craigslist, because tonight's performance is sure to be one people will be talking about for a long time to come.

Check out the video below of Rhett performing at this years SXSW. We'll see ya at the show!!