Brazilian Girls @ The Ottobar - 8/8/2015

Brazilian Girls @ The Ottobar - 8/8/2015

Though more international than many other bands (singer Sabina Sciubba is Italian, while keyboardist Didi Gutman is Argentinian), no one in Brazilian Girls is actually Brazilian, and only one of them is female.  But regardless of any questions raised by their name, one thing is certain – they’re a band that knows how to have a good time.  Last Saturday night, the New York-based quartet brought their world music-influenced electronic dance-punk to the Ottobar in Baltimore for a show that kept everyone in the venue moving for the entire show. 

Dick Diver @ Ottobar - 7/8/15

Dick Diver @ Ottobar - 7/8/15

Dick Diver may have chosen an… interesting… name, but don’t let it fool you. This foursome from Melbourne, Australia isn’t a joke band, and their recently released third album, Melbourne, Florida (named after the other Melbourne – Dick Diver is a band that obviously likes wordplay) has received almost universal acclaim for its brand of jangly indie-pop that lands somewhere between their Aussie predecessors The Go-Betweens and their next door neighbors on New Zealand’s Flying Nun label. Finally getting some recognition on this side of the world, the band is on a US tour, and last Wednesday came to the Ottobar in Baltimore.

TONIGHT!: Lower Dens w/Celebration, Violens and Sprayer take over Ottobar!

Unless you live under a rock you know that this week Lower Dens unleashed their masterful new album, Nootropics upon the world. They've recently kicked off a world tour in support of that record and tonight the quintet will make a stop in their hometown of Baltimore at Ottobar, with a bunch of their friends in tow. 

We'll be traveling up to see the show tonight FOR WHICH TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE and couldn't be more excited to see what they do with this new material live. You can read our review of Nootropics here, but suffice to say, this record is a giant step forward for this band and big things are in store for them in 2012.

Check out the video for "Brains" below, and for a taste of what you're in for tonight head on over to where they've posted a recording of the band's May 2nd performance at Glasslands.

We'll see you at the show TONIGHT!!

LIVE MUSIC: Cass McCombs @ Ottobar - 1/21/12

It’s important to note that taking in a performance by Cass McCombs isn’t so much simply about seeing the man performing his songs as it is engaging in an experience. Saturday night in Baltimore that experience was akin to a post-surgery, anesthetic fog, where the real world around you frequently fails to register, but those moments where the world does manage to slip through are, if anything, entirely and utterly pleasing. And this, at least if you’re Cass McCombs, is a good thing.

Cass McCombs @ Ottobar in Baltimore, MDDespite the fact that he is touring behind his second 2011 album, Humor Risk, the majority of that record, and the one that came before it were largely ignored by McCombs and his band. The set began with a druggy rendition of “Love Thine Enemy”, the opening track of Humor Risk, but from there took a sharp plunge into the dark, somewhat unexplored corners of McCombs catalog. The close to 90 minute performance weaved in and out of tracks from his earlier works. Songs from 2003’s A, and 2009’s Catacombs (you can see him perform “My Sister, My Spouse” from the show in the video below) and 2005’s Not The Way, dominated a pleasingly lethargic and moody set whose highlight seemed to be that it was simply happening.

IT'S BEEN A GOOD YEAR: Wye Oak @ Ottobar - 12/17/11

You gotta give it to Wye Oak, when they do a homecoming show, they do it in style. Playing at the completely sold out Ottobar Saturday, Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack ended what can be considered a remarkable year by anyone’s standards in the warm (really warm) embrace of their hometown fans. 

This is the third time we’ve talked about the band this year, and so there’s really not that much more to say. You already know how the band began 2011 by releasing their latest album Civilian to widespread acclaim. You already know that they showcased those songs along with fellow Charm City musicians Lower Dens at The Black Cat for an NPR broadcast. You already know that the band has already had one homecoming show this year in throwing a pseudo release party at Baltimore’s 2640 Space, and abandoned church that has been converted into a performance venue for just such occasions. And all of that was before things got really crazy.

It would seem that the rest of the world has finally discovered our little hometown band. The potential was there a few years ago for this duo to take over the world with their music, and it would seem that 2011 is the year that that potential was realized. Whether it was touring the US nonstop in support of Civilian, recording not one but TWO songs for the A.V. Undercover series(Danzig’s “Mother” no less), or finding themselves opening for The National as they close out their year of awesome, it would seem that Wye Oak have, put simply, f@#ing arrived.