2012 FIREFLY Music Festival Recap - Part 2

All photos by Joy Asico (joy@chunkyglasses.com / www.asicophoto.com)

Out of the tent, fed, coffeed-to-the-gills, and loaded for bear. Saturday’s lineup lead to a LOT of difficult decisions, but also highlighted one of the best things about living on the east coast - the constant influx of great bands in our area ensures that if you miss someone performing at Firefly, there’s a good chance they’ve either recently played in the DMV area, or will play at a venue in D.C./Baltimore/Philly within the next month or two. So Game On:

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On the Road with Chunky Glasses:  Firefly Music Festival
Dover, Delaware 7/20 - 7/22
Part Two:  Saturday, July 21st

11:15 -11:45 a.m.  Moon Taxi

Everything was off to a good start with 80-degree temperatures and Nashville’s Moon Taxi. Known as much for live jam-rich performances as for anything on their two albums, MT did a great job warming up the crowd with driving, super-catchy songs like “Hypnus.” While they were jamming the hell out a song at 11:24 in the morning, four guys in front of us were getting completely baked. Oh yeah, festival life.

Early morning Moon Taxi anyone?


LIVE MUSIC: Poliça @ The Red Palace - 3/23/12

No one, not even Kipling Dynamite, loves technology like Poliça. Created last summer from loose parts of other Minneapolis indie bands, the quartet uses technology to enormous effect on their first album, Give You the Ghost, relying heavily on distortion, looping, and digital manipulation of practically every note and instrument to spawn an ethereal, haunting set of songs. It’s always with a healthy dose of skepticism that we see if a band can pull off a live show to support such a record. At the Red Palace on Friday, where laptops and what appeared to be a Helicon voice processor featured as heavily as the actual band members, Poliça (pronounced Po-lisa) put on a text-book display of how to digitally assist a live performance and not come off looking like a bunch of poseurs.