LIVE MUSIC: The Milk Carton Kids @ Jammin Java - 3/5/12

Driven by the engine of Joey Ryan’s impeccably studied songwriting skills and Kenneth Pattengale’s awe inspiring guitar evocations, The Milk Carton Kids have found themselves occupying a space that hasn’t seen a lot of heavy hitters as of late. Oh sure, there’s The Civil Wars and there’s the ever present Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch (ostensibly the “godfathers” of the modern scene) but gone are the days when names like Simon, Garfunkel, Prine, Croce, Stevens —  the list goes on and on —  dominated the musical landscape. Which is not to say that Ryan and Pattengale are quite there yet, but damned if they aren’t on the right track.

INTERVIEW: Joey Ryan of The Milk Carton Kids

LA folksters The Milk Carton Kids have have spent the past year touring the country in support of 2011's Prologue (which you can get for free directly from the band here), and tonight that tour is making a stop at Vienna's own Jammin Java (get your tickets here)

There's lots of reasons why you should join us there tonight, but the main one is that The Milk Carton Kids are just plain GOOD. Much like The Wooden Sky, (see our review from last week) Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale aren't trying to push boundaries as much as they are trying to simply excel at their particular style of music. And the payoff is, well, you'll just have to come see/hear for yourself.

We had the opportunity to ask Milk Carton Kid Joey Ryan a few questions over the weekend and this is what he had to say about the groups influences, free music and where they're headed from here.