BEST OF 2014: Pretty - "Mustache In Your Face"/ Local Customs: Cavern Sound

BEST OF 2014: Pretty - "Mustache In Your Face"/ Local Customs: Cavern Sound


A spirit in the sky that lost itself in a subterranean hole; the shag floor of the grooviest van on the block.


It’s no secret that Chicago’s Numero Group is pretty much the raddest practitioner of audio anthropology this side of, well, EVERYONE, but in 2014 they outdid themselves. Drop Purple Snow, a bootie-shaking anthology documenting the “caveman”-era (read: pre-Prince)  Minneapolis sound onto an unsuspecting public? Groovy, but not enough. Release Separate Oceans (reviewed on THIS podcast), a collection of unsung musical hero Ned Doheny’s best (and not-so-best) smooth jams for all the world to groove to? Simply not enough. A deep dive into the hard-rock underground of the 70's COMPLETE WITH IT'S OWN BOARDGAME? NOT. ENOUGH. 


LIVE: Jesus and Mary Chain @ The 9:30 Club - 9/9/12

To be a noob among a roomful of The Jesus and Mary Chain lifers and devotees -- like a virgin, as it were, slated to cover a band so seminal, so personally and rock-historically poignant, so infamously and iconoclastically LLLLLOOOUUUD -- is a bit like forgetting my earplugs for this show. Color me full of Original Sin (and also, perhaps, Biblically Olde).

Uninitiated, unindoctrinated and arguably unworthy, I arrived nonetheless to receive my holy communion, armed chiefly with a respect for Psychocandy and a high-school love affair with The Crow soundtrack. The fantastic and set-opening “Snakedriver” would in fact be among my only sing-along moments in and despite a show peppered quite liberally with JAMC’s greatest hits, then topped with a three-song straight Psychocandy encore to close out the show.  

And so it went on this fateful night, ending as it first began in the early 1980s when the Brothers Reid emerged from Scotland to deliver their candy to all corners of the world, in the form of a revelation:

  • Thou shalt crank thine guitars to 11, especially when it isn’t depeche mode to do so.
  • Thou shalt be anointed with an eternal disaffection, unmoved by time or celebrity.
  • Thou shalt consecrate this bond with feedback, drugs, controversy and total deafness.