Red Palace

TO DO LIST: Listen Local First Showcase at the Red Palace TONIGHT!!!

While the rest of the universe survived last week’s Mayan End of Days predictions, the District did not emerge unscathed as the Red Palace is slated to shutter on January 1.  Fortunately, the venue is not going into that good night with a whimper, but with a series of sonic cacophonic kabooms – and on the docket for Saturday are local favorites Paperhaus, Mittenfields, and Dance for the Dying.  All three will be taking the stage to help rock the bastard child of the Black & the Red and the Palace of Wonders right on out of existence.


Paperhaus emerges from their 3rd Street rowhouse to deliver multi-instrumental RAWK, with a splash of punk and a dash of psychedelic for flavor.  The members of Paperhaus are known for their hospitality to other bands and local music fans alike, and after you hear them you’ll understand why everyone flocks to their open-door house parties:


Do you like guitar?  How about two guitars?  Wait, you think you can handle THREE guitars?  Then Mittenfields is the band for you - delivering dramatic, grandiose shows that fill all your headholes with wonderful noise, their local shows are not to be missed:


Need another reason to drag yer butt down to H Street on Saturday night?  Dance for the Dying may cause uncontrolled hair flinging, spastic fits of joy, and vocal entrancement.  Touring on their new dancelicious EP, they promise to help you burn off several thousand of the calories you ingested over the past three weeks:

So don’t sit around crying in your corn flakes about wasted 2012 resolutions and the loss of the Red Palace – come join us for a three-prong attack on your senses destined to rescue the weekend from becoming the taint of the year (it ain’t Christmas and it ain’t New Year’s Eve). 

 We’d love to let you win some tickets, but this one is $10 day of show only, so get down there early and get your RAWK on

TONIGHT!: La Sera @ The Red Palace!!!

Quick question: What are you doing this Friday night?  Getting drunk at an overcrowded bar?  Standing in line to see some $200M blockbuster movie that you will be able to stream on demand in a few months?  Fighting your cats for a sandwich?

Nah, of course're cooler than that.  You're going to join us at Red Palace to experience La Sera's (Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls fame) unique and infectious brand of girl group influenced pop-punk.   Touring in support of her standout second album, Sees the Light, Ms. Goodman is sure to pack more excitement into the Red Palace's intimate space than you'll see in any theater this weekend.  And hey, you can have a few brews with the CG crew too (just leave the cats at home).

Here's a taste of what you can expect.  Tickets are still available - we'll see you there.