Regal Goodby

Daily Listen: Blisses B - "Regal Goodbye"

Throwing in everything but this kitchen sink, this quartet from San Francisco is unafraid to pull from whatever genre of music they happen to be feeling. More impressive though is that more often than not, they make it work!

This opening track from their album Thirty Days, Sixty Years starts off with an afropop vibe that those familiar with the band Vampire Weekend will instantly recognize. But then in come some epicly overdriven guitars and what you end up with is something entirey unique, and entirely enjoyable.

The band is on a little tour right now, so if you happen to live on the West coast please try and get out to suppor them. In the meantime I can only hope that they'll their unique amalgum of fun further East, and soon.

Blisses B - "Regal Goodbye"


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