Rick James

Rocktober Day 7!!: Eddie Murphy - How Could It Be


Pop quiz:
It’s 1984. For the last four years you’ve been the only bright spot on a struggling Saturday Night Live. Your recent stand up special and starring role in Beverly Hills Cop have made you a household name. You are among the hottest comics in America. You are Eddie Murphy.

What do you do?

If you answered call up Stevie Wonder, Rick James, and your cocaine dealer and put together an R&B record, you would be correct, and you would also have extremely poor judgement.

How Could It Be was Eddie Murphy’s first (yes, there were more...) musical album.  Paving the way for future crossover comedy/R&B acts like Jamie Foxx, Wayne Brady, and... well, I think that’s really it, Eddie Murphy decided that since he was so good at one for of creative expression, he probably rocks at all of them.

Spoiler alert: he was wrong.