LIVE: Buke and Gase @ DC9 - 10/10/12

It is tough to tell what you’re going to get from a Buke and Gase show.  Their sound is so unique - owing to their practice of using homemade hybrid instruments like the “toe-bourine” and, of course, the eponymous ”buke” and “gase”– that one can never be entirely sure what they will be bringing to the table on any given night.  However, the three things you can count on are: (1) it will be a one of a kind experience; (2) you will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how exactly two people manage to generate that much sound with those weird instruments; and (3) Arone Deyer’s voice will blow you away.

What the audience got last Wednesday at DC9 was an eclectic,  high energy set that spanned the breadth of Buke and Gase’s growing catalog, from last year’s standout Riposte to the recently released Function Falls, as well as new material from the band’s forthcoming  LP General Dome.  Indeed, the band seemed to be experimenting with their material, eschewing the traditional concert flow (and overt promotion of their new EP) in favor of looser, more discursive sonic experiments.

REVIEW: Buke and Gase - Function Falls

When your sound is as out there as the duo of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez, collectively known as Buke and Gase, typically is, there’s really no way of expecting what you’ll get next.  And probably the last thing you would expect would be to be a tight collection of songs that flirt mightily with pop hit-dom, but that’s exactly what the band’s latest EP Function Falls accomplishes.

Known for making their own instruments / using really whatever they see fit to make their music, Buke and Gase have always had the ability to coalesce the sounds they make, as intentionally agitating as they sometimes may be,  into something  that passes as familiar. On their previous efforts 2008’s +/- and 2010’s Riposte, the two turned out some proggy, hyper intelligent noise rock, and on Function Falls not much has changed, though you might say that the band took a turn towards the Evanesence.

That assessment is clearly said in jest, but it’s not entirely false. Strip away the bukeness of these songs and what you’re left with is some pretty powerful pop-rock.

Daily Listen: Buke & Gass - "Medulla Oblongata

To be sure, the hot shit in DC last night was tUnE-YarDs, but that doesn't mean you have to ignore the OTHER hot shit in town, her openers Buke & Gase. Hailing from Brooklyn and rocking a mean ukelele (yep, I said that) the duo plays a muscular combination of folk and prog rock (??).

I'm not the biggest fan of the recent-ish ukelele craze, but then most people don't completely rock the thing like singer and lead uke Arone Dyer. It's a sound that on paper looks ridiculous, but trust me, it works.

Check out this lead track from their album Riposte in the meantime, but next time Buke and Gass are in your town, go, go, GO!


Buke and Gass - "Medulla Oblongata"

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