Robert Pattengale

INTERVIEW: The Milk Carton Kids

On Friday, August 3rd, I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale of the Milk Carton Kids and ask them a few questions. A favorite of the ChunkyGlasses crew (read the accounts of our previous run-ins with them here and here) the acoustic guitar duo was in the middle of a two-night stand at the 9:30 Club on their tour with Old Crow Medicine Show and The Lumineers. Now, for your enjoyment, we present the fruits of that hang session where the “Kids” opened up about their current tour, upcoming album, fried chicken sandwiches, and attempt to start a West Coast v. Rocky Mountain folk music battle with The Lumineers. 

To start off, I know you guys are only a couple days into the tour so far, but tell me how it’s going and how you’re enjoying.  I know last night at the show you said you’ve only been on the tour one day, but you feel like you’ve known the guys for three or four already. 

JR:       At least.  It’s the most fun I’ve had on a tour that we’ve been on in a while.  We’ve played more music on this tour than on any tour we’ve done.  I think it’s because Ketch and the Old Crow Guys were insistent from even before the tour and they followed through on it the first night that we would be up on stage with them.  We ended up on stage with them for two or three songs for the encore the first night.  So we’ve been learning their songs and have been doing a lot more backstage strumming than ever before.  Which is good because it keeps us out of our heads and makes it more fun.  It doesn’t feel like work because we’ve been playing so much music. 

So The Lumineers were somewhat of a last minute addition to the tour….

KP:      Yeah, nice guys, terrible music. 

JR:       I love the music, but think they’re terrible people.