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Episode 257: Prisoner - Ryan Adams

Episode 257: Prisoner - Ryan Adams

This year, the Grammy's made it clear that they may have some...issues to work through. Kevin and Marcus Dowling (Bandcamp/Pitchfork) try to clear the air on how the esteemed organization really functions, and what you, YES YOU, might be able to do to change that.

Ryan Adams is one of the most prolific, and most successful singer/songwriters of the past 20 years. On Prisoner, his 16th LP, he's mining the pain of his recent divorce and the glory of 80's rock n' roll in equal measure? Is it another hit for the man with all the feelz, or is Adams just treading water? Tune in and find out.

PLUS! Ibibo Sound Machine is coming soon to a stereo near you. Get to know them and their single "Give Me A Reason" so you can get hype like us. 

Episode 133: Dave Rawlings Machine - Nashville Obsolete / Ryan Adams - 1989

Episode 133: Dave Rawlings Machine - Nashville Obsolete / Ryan Adams - 1989

This week we call an audible and call em like we see em. First up more TIDAL talk as we figure how to save the music industry for the 178th time. Then it’s the triumphant return of the Dave Rawlings Machine and an obvious deep dive into a lake of feels as we take on Ryan Adams take on Taylor Swift’s 1989. PLUS! Megafaun-er Phil Cook’s latest Southland Missions is a joyful explosion of soul and we’ve got a track for you to hear that proves it.

Tight deadlines. Shifting tastes. These things matter not to podcast jedi. Strap in. Turn it up. Here comes Episode 133 of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast.

Episode 80: Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

Episode 80: Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

In our latest episode we review the latest release from alt-country/pop superstar Ryan Adams, taking some detours through the late 80’s and artist/press relations along the way. PLUS! U2 just dropped a new record in your iTunes. Happy? Sad? What does it all mean?!! We try and get to the bottom of it in Episode 80 of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast!

ChunkyGlasses Weekly Roundup: 1/30 - 2/4

LIVE MUSIC: RYAN ADAMS @ The Strathmore - 1/24/1

Ladies swoon, and dudes shout “DUDE”; it’s all par for the course when Ryan Adams comes to town. Performing to a sold out crowd, Adams visited the Strathmore in Bethesda, MD last week, and for the most part it was business as usual. Delivering a show full of all the heartbreaking ballads, nervous tics and the the recurring feeling that you’re seeing one talented son-of-a-bitch pour his heart out right in front of you Adams set generally satisfied even if it rarely rose to the Olympian heights that the adoring crowd might have showed up expecting

Perched on a spartan (but gorgeous) stage with nothing but a guitar, a piano and a few microphones, Adams crooned and caroused his way into the hearts of  his assembled fans by simply giving them what they want. Yes, this time out for Adams it was a “greatest hits” tour to be sure, a concept that may tend to leave some concertgoers (read: me) with the unpleasant taste of “cashing-in” in their mouths. Luckily though, Adams has proven to be a savvy (and fussy) enough performer to never simply stick to the plan. In fact on this night he even wrote a song about his plan (you can listen to it here), and for the most part it was moments like these that made the evening what it was.

Review: Ashes and Fire - Ryan Adams

Ashes and Fire is Ryan Adams 12th album in only 11 years as a “solo” artist. Known for being one of the greatest, if not most troubled, song writers of this 21st century, Adams has been at the forefront of country-rock/alt-country for the entirety of his career, and as such any release that bears his name is subject to as much hype as it is critical analysis.

Adams struck gold on his 2000 release Heartbreaker. His collaboration with David Rawlings and Gillian Welch on his first solo record, and first post-Whiskeytown record, hit that sweet spot of sentimentality and rabble rousing that makes the difference between good country rock and just great damn music. The bar that he set for himself with that record was impossibly high. And while he was amazingly prolific in the years that followed (releasing the albums Gold in 2001, Demolition in 2002, Rock N Roll  in 2003, and Love Is Hell in 2004) it wouldn’t be until 2005’s Cold Roses that Adams would reach those lofty heights that he decended from.

Daily Listen: Stream Ryan Adam's "Ashes and Fire" at NPR right now!!

So, we had this whole Monday thing planned that would have completely blown everyone's mind. It was truly the biggest and best thing we've ever done...or might EVER have been done on the internet. You just don't know.

Anyways, thing, huge, yadda yadda. NPR must have got wind and said "hold it right their puny website" because last night they went and made Ryan Adam's new album Ashes and Fire available for you to stream in it's entirety.

So while we go back to the drawing board for our gihugic thing, you go and listen to your one-of-the-best-songwriters-of-all-time Ryan Adams. It's OK. Really. We'll be here when you get back.


Stream Ryan Adam's Ashes and Fire over at NPR RIGHT NOW!!!

Daily Listen: Ryan Adams - "Ashes and Fire"

Not so long ago it seemed that Ryan Adams was to retire..or something. It was a damn shame because though his output can be uneven, he's one of the best song writers living today. Well soon after his announcement there came Orion, a death metal space odyssey (seriously) and not long after that came III/IV a double album of not necessarily new material from The Cardinals, but one that we hadn't heard at any rate. But supposedly, Adams was still retired.

Well all that is over now and his album Ashes and Fire is done and set to be unleashed upon the world. By all accounts, it looks to be a return to Adams more acoustic side, which is fine by us. Some of his best moments as a songwriter came in Cold Roses quieter cousin Jacksonville City Nights, and anything that even approaches the sublime greatness of that record is probably going to work out just fine for Mr. Adams.

You're going to have to wait till October 10th to see how the whole thing works out, but this video of Adams performing the title track hints that the wait will be well worth it.  Fingers crossed everyone.

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