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Episode 340: See You Around - I'm With Her

Episode 340: See You Around - I'm With Her

All it took was an off-the-cuff show back in 2014, and the trio of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O'Donovan knew they had something special. Formalizing this new union under the name I'm With Her, the three powerhouses have spent the past few years sporadically touring the group around, releasing an EP, and now they are releasing their much-anticipated debut full-length, See You Around.

Built on a foundation of tradition, intimate confessionalism, and expert musicianship, See You Around owes as much to the musician's past as it seems like a logical waypoint on their journey through song. We're going in on the supergroup's debut to find out if I'm With Her has got legs or if we're going to be seeing them around for a long time to come.

PLUS! Kim Ware's The Good Graces is back with The Hummingbird EP, and we've got it's charming AF leadoff track for you to put in your earholes!

Episode 203: Sarah Jarosz - Undercurrent

Episode 203: Sarah Jarosz - Undercurrent

A 2003 case against Ticketmaster has finally reached a settlement, which means that you, and you, and you, and YOU get vouchers to a whole mess of free shows. Orrrrrrrrrrr not.

In just a few short years, singer/songwriter Sarah Jarosz has manged to become a heavy-hitting mainstay on the folk, bluegrass, and Americana scenes. On her latest release, Undercurrent, Jarosz has built on the foundation she laid on 2013's critically lauded Build Me Up From Bones, to produce an instant classic of modern folk.

State Champion is a band. That rocks. That's the pitch. 

Now push play. 

2013 Newport Folk Festival: Day Two

Day two of this year's Newport Folk Fesival left behind the weather miseries of the day before. It dawned clear, bright and warm and made the wet and cold endurance test of the previous day feel like another lifetime.

Kicking the day off at the Harbor tent stage, Sarah Jarosz’s soft voice coaxed early visitors and long time devotees alike to hush first and listen second. She alternated between banjo, acoustic guitar and octave mandolin and was accompanied by a cellist and a violinist. Her selections alternated from her own creations, including cuts from the new album, to covers of artists like Tim O’Brien and Joanna Newsome. She ended her set with a fabulous cover of Tom Waits’ “Come Up to the House,” asking everyone to join in.

Shovels & Rope, a husband/wife team, Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst from South Carolina, turned the volume up in the middle of the day. Cary Ann wore a wonderful gingham blue dress, but said she hadn’t counted on the wind. “If it blows up, don’t take pictures.” she asked the audience, “It’s not that kind of show!” The couple frequently traded instruments and rapid-fire lyrics to create a raucous sound that got the crowd in the Quad tent to jump up and dance. “Hail Hail” rang out with distortion and bass, a perfect foot-stomper for the crowd.