Scott Hutchinson

LIVE: Frightened Rabbit @ The Black Cat - 10/7/12

Oh sure, Frightened Rabbit sold out The Black Cat, but the fact that this band from Selkirk, Scotland isn’t one of the biggest bands in the world right now and others who ape their sound ARE may be one of the biggest crimes, culturally speaking, of the past five years. 

The band formed in 2006 around brothers Scott and Grant Hutchinson. Their debut album Sing The Greys received  moderate praise from critics, but it wasn’t until the emotional, a-bomb sized gut punch of 2007’s The Midnight Organ Fight, that the now five piecegroup’s raw, powerful indie-rock saw the success that it so very much deserved. The product of an absolutely excruciating break up that frontman Scott Hutchinson had recently been through (if the songs that make it up are to believed),, Organ Fight demonstrated with a powerful grace that sometimes it really is best to simply say what you feel. That willingness to simply put it all out there not just lyrically, but performance wise as well, not only earned Frightened Rabbit a reputation as a band to look out for, but turned Hutchinson into sex symbol and consummate frontman almost overnight.

Touring in support of their recently released EP State Hospital, you might think that five years after the fact, Hutchinson is over all of the pain. And while that might partially be the case, if anything their performance demonstrated that not only is there always more pain to go around, but there’s a whole lot of joy too. Imploring the crowd to drink between practically every song, Hutchinson and his thick Scottish accent treated the crowd as if they were all good friends hanging out in his flat. Maybe you had been there for him before, or maybe you were a new friend that he met along the way to getting back to something normal, but everyone in attendance left at least feeling like they were all connected, all there to support Hutchinson and each other.