REVIEW: Wild Nothing - Nocturne

There was a time not long ago when you'd hear a great song like "Shadow" from Wild Nothing's sophomore record Nocturne either on your local college radio station or on the Dave Kendall-hosted version of MTV's 120 Minutes, sandwiched in between songs by Kitchens of Distinction and the Church. Wow,” you'd think, “what a great jangly little ‘alternative’ song; since I like the Smiths AND the Sundays I should go to a ‘record store’ and buy a ‘CD’ of their music.

Today, though, you likely heard about Wild Nothing on the internet because of their fantastic debut record Gemini, streamed or downloaded their stuff (legally or illegally) and thought, man, they really capture that C86 sound I've read about in the history books.

The point is in recent years many bands have tried to emulate that mid-to-late 80s ethereal brand of music that would eventually become dream pop. There are many good ones, but none have hit the nail on the head quite as precisely as Wild Nothing.