So Beautiful Or So What

Review: Paul Simon - So Beautiful Or So What

Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to a wide variety of music.  My parents had a small record collection that leaned heavily towards holiday albums, classical music, and what could charitably be called “inoffensive folk.”  While I never took to Bread and I appreciated Peter, Paul, and Mary more for what I innocently thought was a song about actual dragons, the album I couldn't stop playing wasBridge Over Troubled Water (I had a lot more success singing along - especially with Garfunkel’s parts - before puberty took its toll on my vocal cords).  Add to that the fact that Graceland was one of the only cassettes that my mom kept in the car during the late 1980s and its fair to say that Paul Simon composed a fair portion of the soundtrack of my childhood.

So, it was with that developmental baggage in tow that I dropped the figurative needle on Paul Simon’s new album, So Beautiful or So What.