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Episode 283: Rock N Roll Consciousness - Thurston Moore

Episode 283: Rock N Roll Consciousness - Thurston Moore

Sexual assault and harassment has plagued the music industry since it's earliest days. Th e latest band to write a chapter in this sad story are New York pop-punkers PWR BTTM. Over the past few weeks, the world saw the band literally fall apart before its eyes afte singer, Ben Hopkins, found himself the subject of serious and credible accusations of sexual assault, an act that is antithetical to message that the LGBTQ-friendly duo has been preaching in their music and at their shows since their inception. Kevin, Marcus and Eduardo are sitting down to take a hard look at sexual assault in the music industry, what people can do to protect themselves from these situations, and, most importantly, what can all of us to help the survivors of these most heinous of acts. 

Sonic shaman Thurston Moore is back with a new solo LP, and loads of feedback to spare. But is the world better with yet another piece of wax in it, or is rock-and-roll best left as an art that lives on the stage? Kevin and Eduardo are getting real with the rock legend's latest.

PLUS! Montreal's She-Devil were the big hit of this years SXSW, and now their debut, self-titled LP has finally landed. Get a taste of what everyone has been talking about with 

REVIEW: Chelsea Light Moving - Chelsea Light Moving

It is often difficult to discuss newer releases from legendary musicians without addressing their prior efforts.  When the legend in question is a talent with the expansive body of work of Thurston Moore, the challenge is particularly daunting. From his staggering catalog of frenetic fretwork with innovative rock leviathan Sonic Youth, to countless collaborations with legends in the improv/avant garde/ experimental scenes to his solo gems, Psychic Hearts, Trees Outside the Academyand Demolished Thoughts, Moore has shown that he is consistently prolific, pioneering, and fearless.  What’s refreshing about his new outing at the helm of Chelsea Light Moving is Moore’s ability to incorporate so many elements of his prior work into a project this invigorating.  Through ten great songs, the band proves adept at melding the melodic and the dissonant, alternating the uplifting with the pugnacious, and making it sound effortless and fun along the way.  As a result,it is easy to review the self-titled debut from this new band on its own merits, if for no other reason than because this record is so audibly engaging from start to finish.

ROCKTOBER 2012: 1991 - The Year Punk Broke

In August of 1991, film maker/director David Markey and Sonic Youth were sitting together in a hotel room in Ireland during their European tour. Jet-lagged and tired, they sat and watched Motley Crue on MTV, who after the release of Dr. Feelgood in 1989 were one of the biggest, most commercially successful bands of the time. Overall, glam rock was still the type of stuff that was filling the radio, stadium tours, and mass appeal for what people seemed to want from their music. So, when the Crue covered the Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the U.K.”  Markey uttered the snarky remark “1991: The Year Punk Broke”. Everyone laughed, and according to Markey this became the running joke that can be heard throughout the tour he was filming as part of a Sonic Youth documentary.

This documentary also included a circus of other underground punk, or what people had coined “alternative” or “grunge” bands that were all relatively unknown to most of mainstream music.  Little did Markey know, his statement would soon become somewhat ironic as he filmed bands like Dinosaur Jr., Babes in Toyland, Gumball, and Nirvana moments before they would officially break open the dam for commercial mainstream punk success, flooding the public with a musical attitude and approach that had been primarily isolated and sequestered in the punk community up to this point. Sure, if you were already into the punk or underground rock scene at the time, even if you just listened to the majority of college radio in the years leading up to it, then this explosion probably wasn’t as dramatic. But, in terms of the mass, mainstream and commercial music scene and its fans, this was their introduction to something completely raw and new.

TRACKING: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - "Catatonic"


SOUNDS LIKE: At The Drive-In, Sparta, Sonic Youth
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Austin punks return with a politically charged video for their menacing new single

Make your own assumptions as to whom Rich Dobney may or may not be a parody of, it could be any politican really, but it seems like he's probably not who he really claims to be.  Lighting stogies with money, having a rendezvous in the bathroom.. is this really what he should be doing instead of doing things that would be beneficial to the American people?

This happens to be the premise for the recently released clip for "Catatonic", the raging new single from Austin's ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.  As the lead single from their upcoming album Lost Songs, the one thing that isn't lost is their love of rock and roll. Anthemic guitars are amidst the equally anthemic shouts and screams of longtime members Conrad Keeley & Jason Reece.  Lost Songs, their 8th studio album (and no, it isn't a collection of outtakes), will be out October 23rd.

Daily Listen: Thurston Moore - Orchard Street

A sonic youth out on his own, Thurston Moore released his excellent solo effort, demolished thoughts, on Tuesday. This Beck produced album strips the Sonic Youth frontman of all of the volume of his usual band, but none of the noise or the power. Just when you think he's going for a simple folk-ish song, an explosion of strings or percussive metal will occur out of nowhere. It's a record that will keep you guessing...and satisfied for the entire ride.

We can't recommend that you pick demolished thoughts up enough, and this track is one of the big reasons why.

Thurston Moore - Orchard Street


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