Daily Listen: Blind Melon - "Skinned"

Back in the early 90's the biggest thing in the world was that damned Bee-Girl. She was everywhere. On TV, on the radio, in interviews. Everywhere. And so was Blind Melon's somewhat mediocre, yet inexplicably huge first album that spawned the single "No Rain", whose video featured said damned Bee-Girl. After that album the band could have done anything they wanted and in fact they did, it just wasn't what anyone expected.

Soup their second album, was a ridiculously dense, dark exploration of just about everything that confused as much as it entertained (it was universally panned upon it's release) yet, much like Weezer's sophomore effortPinkerton, it has survived to be come respected and revered as one of the better albums ever made. 

This track from Soup about,'s're just going to have to figure it out yourself. Anyways, this track is one of the more extreme examples of genre hopping, blending and mashing on an album that showcases how versatile Blind Melon really was. It also showcases how much of a shame it is that Shannon Hoon had to up and die when he did. Great things were in store for Blind Melon, but now all we'll ever have is Soup standing as that signpost that leads to nowhere. But it's a really great signpost, so at least there's that.

Blind Melon - "Skinned"