Sterling Sisters

TRACKING: The Sterling Sisters - "Shallow Blood"

Sounds like: A gritty folk band meets an even grittier post-punk group.
Why You Should Care: With the influx of softer, folk-influenced bands like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, its nice to see a folk-inspired band with some teeth.

As of right now, Baltimore is set on promoting the indie-rock scene of Beach House, Dan Deacon, and Wye Oak. One band breaking the shimmery indie mold is the Sterling Sisters with their track “Shallow Blood” off their new album HALE. The track begins with a single banjo and erupts into a full folk meltdown not even a minute in. Vocalists George Cessna and Scout Pare´-Phillips croon in harmony with Cessna tackling the narration of an encounter with an angel while Pare´-Phillips emits a ghostly wail in the background.  The song burns out within three and a half minutes of bleak, angst-ridden gold.