The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

LIVE: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour @ The Black Cat - 11/9/12

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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s show at Black Cat last Friday was gold in more ways than one. The band played their songs “Gold Rush” and “The Golden Age,” slinky vocalist Mette Lindberg sported a gold lamé jacket while singing into her trademark gold microphone, and referred to the band’s energetic horn section as “solid gold.”

Which they most certainly were, as was the entire Danish seven-piece band. Their last visit to DC was in late January, right around the time their second album, Out of Frequency, was released. While that was a fantastic performance, a year of touring with the new material has paid off and every song crackled with energy and moved the packed house to the beat. The band sounded tight but looked relaxed and appeared to be truly enjoying themselves. Lindberg had total command of the crowd, with most folks heeding her (somewhat odd) request to not take cell phone pictures. And they didn’t skimp on the material – the band ripped through 20 songs, which, considering there are only 26 songs on their two albums, meant fans got to hear just about everything.

TO DO LIST: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour TONIGHT @ The Black Cat!!!

No, that’s not Asteroids Galaxy Tour in that new Heineken/James Bond commercial that’s played incessantly throughout every sporting event you’ve watched lately. You’re forgiven for thinking that, however, as it looks similar to a popular and incredibly elaborate 2011 ad that featured the band’s track “The Golden Age.” (The song in the new commercial, by the way, is “Man Like That” by Gin Wigmore).

But there’s only one Mette Lindberg, and the sultry blonde singer of the Danish psychedelic dance-pop group is hard to miss and impossible to ignore.  When the band played in late January here in DC, they didn’t play like a band that had only been together a few years and had just two albums under their belt. They put together a loud, kinetic, ultra-high energy dance party with Lindberg vamping and dancing for the duration, leaving the crowd sweaty and delighted, with ears ringing for days. They’re a band that plays pop music absolutely riddled with toe-tapping hooks and the added bonus of a rock-solid horn section, and that show illustrated why artists like Amy Winehouse scrambled to secure the band as an opening act.

With another year of touring under their belt, the band has just gotten tighter – songs from their debut album Fruit, including the funky “Sun Ain’t Shining No More” and jumpy “Around the Bend” (which you also may have heard in an iPod commercial) take on a whole new life in front of an audience. Couple that with songs from their stellar 2012 follow-up, Out of Frequency, and Friday night is primed for an amazing night of music. The band played at DC9 in 2009, and their show in January was at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Friday’s show is upstairs at the Black Cat. You’ve seen the pattern before, DC music fans – the venues will keep getting bigger, and you’ll want to say you saw them first. 

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PRESS PLAY: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Theme from 45 Eugenia

Sounds Like: George Clinton, Damon Alburn, and Norman Cook all head over Burt Bacharach’s house for a smoke session.
Why you should care: Because you never knew vikings were so funky.

Though it stumbles out of the gate with its awkwardly paced opening tracks (it’s really not clear what they were thinking there), the Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s second LP, Out of Frequency, quickly regains its funky footing.  Beginning with lead single “Major” the album hits you with track after jamming track of groovy retro goodness.