The Howard Theater

LIVE: Turquoise Jeep @ The Howard Theater - 8.21.13

LIVE: Turquoise Jeep @ The Howard Theater - 8.21.13

One of the most valuable things an artist can have in their arsenal is the ability to give precisely zero fucks and shrug off anything any critic can say towards them continuing steadfastly forwarding their mission. In today’s world of overexposure and commercialization as much as artists seek the limelight and the praise of blogs and writers, they fear and become crippled by any backlash leveled their way. In an age where bands hold baited breathe for when their Pitchfork review will run and what score it gets, seeing a group of five men on stage having a blast and clearly not caring what anyone thinks of them or their brand is a breath of fresh air. Turquoise Jeep don’t care what you have to say about them, they don’t care what boxes you put them in: Da Jeep will ride on no matter what.

TO DO LIST: David Grisman w/John Sebastian TONIGHT @ The Howard Theater!!

For fans of bluegrass, David Grisman needs no introduction. With a career that spans over 40 years, the renowned mandolinist and composer has been there and back again, and then taken a few more laps just for good measure. Stylistically Grisman’s playing is all over the map, owing as much to jazz as it does to the psychedelic sounds of a late 60’s San Francisco – he even coined the term “Dawg” music to describe the multicultural mish mash. He has collaborated with everyone from greats like Stephane Grapelli to, most famously, hippy luminary Jerry Garcia to produce music that urges the listener to move as much as it asks them to think about what they are hearing.

Joining Grisman on stage to kick of their tour will be friend and fellow music legend John Sebastian. A former founder/member of The Lovin’ Spoonful who delivered hits like “Do You Believe In Magic” and “Daydream,” Beginning with the 2007 album Satisfied , Sebastian has spent the later years of his career exploring the annals of acoustic folk along with Grisman as both musicians seek to produce music that transcends the genres that they pull so much inspiration from.

Tickets are still available HERE, so get off your ass and join us for a remarkable evening of music in the equally remarkable Howard Theater.