The Monitor

TRACKING: Titus Andronicus - "In A Big City"

SOUNDS LIKE: Emotional The Hold Steady, early Replacements, thrasher Bruce Sprinsteen
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Punk rock has never sounded so good or used as many big words 

One thing that you’ll never be able to say about Titus Andronicus is they’re afraid to go full on epic. On 2010's The Monitor, most of the songs come in just under the eight minute mark, with closing track “The Battle of Hampton Roads” clocking in at a whopping fourteen fist pumping minutes. This group from New Jersey loves to show us their chops, and on the new single "In A Big City," they're just warming up for a new installment of raucous ballads and lots of yelling.

While their approach to music is simple, front man Patrick Stickle’s songwriting is full of complex story lines and developed musical interludes. Piano breakdowns and poetry readings frequented The Monitor, and "In A Big City" finds the band as literary as ever, delivering mouthfuls of lyrics over has your plethora of in-your-face vocals and driving drum tracks: "I grew up on one side of the river/ I was a disturbed dangerous drifter/Moved over to the other side of the river/ Now I'm a drop in a deluge of hipsters." 

In releasing this single and revealing the album artwork for the upcoming Local Business earlier this week, the band stated "For those of you who would prefer to judge a record by its cover, well, we are prepared to accommodate you too." That punk spirit runs deep through Titus Andronicus’ music and with anticipation is officially building for Local Business, out October 22nd, all we have to say is bring it on boys. Bring it on.