The Rolling Stones

Daily Listen: The Rolling Stones - "I Dont Know Why"

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm currently neck deep in the Keith Richards auto biography (it's excellent by the way) of if I can see Rocktober looming around the corner, but for some reason I've been feeling the Stones a lot lately.

So much so that I realized that I didn't really know that much about them really. In fact, beyond a few records I had never really explored most of their earlier albums. It's a crime to be sure, and I've been correcting that this week by digging back through their catalog from the beginning, and it's sort of a fascinating journey. It's also, again an embarrassing one.

I've loved "I Don't Know Why", off of their 1975 album Metamorphosis, from the first time I heard it. For my money, it contains my single favorite slide guitar part out of any music from that era. Sure, there's always Duane Allman's epic work on Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, but that's an expected slide. This slide jumps out at you in the middle of a pop song. It's not flashy. It's not dragged out. It just goddam works. 

To this day, it still gives me chills every time I get to the breakdown in the song. I've never found anything that even remotely touches the moment guitar wise, and when I'm not totally obsessed with trying to faithfully reproduce it in my own playing (I can't) I am, at best, mildy obsessed with trying to reproduce the moment. I have an undying respect and love for the song and have had so for 20 years...which is why what I just discovered is so confusing/embarrassing.

How the f@#@ did I not know that it was a f@#@ing Stevie Wonder cover??!!!


The Rolling Stones - "I Don't Know Why"

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