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REVIEW: The Tallest Man On Earth - There's No Leaving Now

So the Tallest Man on Earth decided to don the World’s Largest Pair of Flip-Flops this week, and released his fourth full-length album from a hammock swaying gently in a backyard near you. After 6 years of putting out authentic, gritty, folktastic tracks that have been favorably compared to every idol of the original 60’s folk scene, Sweden’s Kristian Matsson re-emerges with There’s No Leaving Now, and frankly it’s more like a summer beach read than anything of substance. Long-term fans of TMoE will probably feel as let down as they would had Jack Kerouac tossed out a book about horny teenage vampires instead of another great American road novel, but anyone unfamiliar with Matsson’s prior, more satisfying works may find a pleasant enough album of easy background music.