The Weight

LIVE MUSIC: The Lumineers @ Jammin Java - 4/22/12

Words: Aubrey Photos: Haris/Aubrey

As a band, you know you’re doing something right when within weeks of releasing your debut album you’re selling out shows to crowds who already know the lyrics to all your songs because they haven’t been able to stop listening to your recordings on endless repeat.  But, there’s always the hanging question of whether a great album can translate well to a live show—will the same energy, sound, and accuracy that can be produced by multiple takes in a studio find its way to the stage? 

Daily Watch: Mavis Staples w/Win Butler (Arcade Fire) - "The Weight"

In what seems to be becoming the thing to do this summer, yet another artist (it was Colin Meloy's turn at the Newport Folk Festival) has sat in with Mavis Staples on The Band's "The Weight". The great thing though is that great songs performed by great artists never ever gets old, especially when one of those artists is Staples. Check out the video below for all the Band-y goodness and then answer us the question, "Who do you think Mavis should cover 'The Weight' with next?"