The Whole Love

Press Play: Wilco - Dawned On Me

Sounds Like: You don't need us to tell you that.
Why you should care: You don't need us to tell you that either.

Well blow me down! Wilco, long absent from music video space (they haven't made one since 1999)  have gone and teamed up with Popeye for an animated rendition of the track "Dawned On Me" off of 2010's The Whole Love. This video marks the first time that Chicago rockers have taken the trip to toon town, but more importantly, it represents the first new Popeye cartoon since 2004 and the first hand-drawn, frame-by-frame rendering for Popeye cell animation in more than 30 years!

Review: Wilco - The Whole Love

In naming the title track of their new album The Whole Love, I doubt that Wilco had prophecy in mind, but they couldn’t have picked a more apt title.

“The Art of Almost” is a thrilling exploration of sonic textures and mashed together rhythms. Ending up in a full on blow out in which Nels Cline is set free for the first (and only) time on the album, it bristles with an energy and a swagger that is more often reserved for the bands  live performances. And that energy carries over into I Might, the albums first single that was revealed at their Solid Sound Festival this summer. But it’s a steep drop of a precipice from there on out.

And that drop is not for lack of trying, but as a band Wilco seems to have come to an unexpected crossroads in their career. While they still remain a force to be reckoned with on the stage, their last effort Wilco (The Album) was by all accounts a flat out failure. It took everything that had ever been exciting and innovative about the band and stripped it away, leaving collection of songs that were unnecessary as they were uninspired. It was an unexpected plunge to rock bottom for the band, but you know what they say; once you’ve hit the bottom there’s nowhere to go but up.

Wilco streaming their new album, THE WHOLE LOVE, right NOW!


Officially, the new record doesn't come out until the 27th of this month, but since they're all pretty cool guys, Wilco has seen fit to let you hear the record in it's entirety for 1 day only!

The clock starts now so use your time wisely.

What are ya waiting for?! Stream Wilco's The Whole Love NOW!!


Actually don't run, because Wilco loves you... or at least they claimed to their last time out. Except for the first single, "I Might", not much has been heard from the album so far, but today they have been gracious enough to drop this trailer on us, with a little tease at the end. Thanks guys!

It's possible that we're a little stoked.

The Whole Love will hit stores on the 26th of September, which is the day AFTER they'll perform all of their new material for you (9/25) at Merriweather Post Pavillion. So get out there and get your tickets now!

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