Through You

TRACKING: The Blisters - "Through You"

TRACKING: The Blisters - "Through You"

SOUNDS LIKE: The sons of Wilco. (Which they kinda are.)
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The Blisters are probably the best high school band you'll ever hear.

Think back to your high school days. Weren’t most of the groups you saw playing local battles of the bands pretty lame? Allow us to introduce you to a young band that will break that corny mold: The Blisters. Chicago-based high schoolers Henry Mosher (lead vocals/guitar), Hayden Holbert (guitar/background vocals), Tory Postillion-Lopez (bass/synths), and Spencer Tweedy (drums/Jeff Tweedy’s son) create highly intricate indie rock that will make you wonder how the students managed to do well in school when they undoubtedly dedicated so much time to fine tuning their sound.  

“Through You,” the first track on The Blisters’ debut album Finally Bored, makes known the influence “dad rockers” Wilco have had on the young band as a result of drummer Spencer Tweedy being Jeff Tweedy’s son. The Blisters emulate the experimental sound for which Wilco has become well known in the wake of 2001’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but with a young, fresh outlook. Lead singer Henry Mosher’s voice, which will surely become less shaky post-puberty, is the only thing that betrays The Blisters’ youngness. It is outweighed, however, by the maturity The Blisters exhibit both lyrically and musically. The fact that The Blisters have been creating music together for a decade, from ages 7 to 17, gives them an advantage that most young bands have not had and implies that these boys are not your typical side-project high school band. The Blisters take their music seriously and have the finished Finally Bored to speak to that for itself. With Wilco’s entourage as support, and access to Wilco’s Loft and dBpm Records, The Blisters’ future in music is set, and it will be interesting to hear what they produce next.

 Download Finally Bored (for free until July 4) on The Blisters’ Bandcamp.