Tipper Gore

ROCKTOBER 2012: 1985 - 1.21 Jigawatts of Rawk Aid!!

Fire up the Delorean, Goonies, because today we’re going back to 1985, the year Marty McFly wore a life preserver vest and ordered Pepsi Free without anyone barking for payment or accusing him of jumping ship. Ship, you say? I’ve got just the map to lead you to the treasure. Because down here, it’s our time; it’s our time down here!

Much as the once-pint-sized adventurers who discovered One-Eyed Willie’s loot are today just a bunch of grown-ups with day jobs in an age where plutonium’s still not available at every corner store, so too are we, holding out patiently for a respectable mode of future-forward transportation, all but willing to trade in our flying car fantasies and hoverboard dreams for a safe and green Mr. Fusion. If you’re as unprepared as I am to face the fact that we’re now only three short years away from The Future as Marty knew it and much of it has come to bear, and you still haven’t found your own buried fortune or even written your way (spiritually) out of Saturday detention, then let us take you back -- down here -- where the ‘80s revival happening “up there” pales in comparison to the real thing, Cold War and all. Because down here, Rocky’s been training in Siberia, and he’s gonna take Drago DOWN!!!

Wow, where to even start??

I suppose with the hits:

We Are The World. Take On Me. I Want to Know What Love Is. Shout. Into the Groove.