Titus Andronicus

Episode 129: Titus Andronicus - The Most Lamentable Tragedy / La Luz - Weirdo Shrine

Episode 129: Titus Andronicus - The Most Lamentable Tragedy / La Luz - Weirdo Shrine

This week on the podcast, vacation is OVER and we're back to review new albums from indie-punks Titus Andronicus, who may be suffering a tragedy most lamentable, and Seattle surf-gaze quartet, La Luz's latest, Weirdo Shrine. But first: N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton is dominating the box office, but seems to have forgot some very important facts – specifically Dr. Dre’s vicious 1991 assault of journalist Dee Barnes. Is this just par for the course for bio-pics and entertainment “icons” or should we expect more from our “heroes” and maybe even ourselves?

All this PLUS a new track from Iceland artist Prins Póló on Episode 129 of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast!

REVIEW: Spider Bags - Shake My Head

Chapel Hill’s music scene has been relatively quiet since Mammoth Records founder Jay Faires sold his label to, of all companies, Disney in 1998. The label that housed the Blake Babies, Chainsaw Kittens, Joe Henry, and Victoria Williams was eventually folded into Disney’s Hollywood Records in 2003, and suddenly the city that gave rise to Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, and the Ben Folds Five was no longer the “next Seattle.”

Even with the hype machine gone, however, Chapel Hill has been quietly churning out a number of excellent bands. Chief among these is Spider Bags, who in five years have risen to become one of the must-see bands in the area. It’s been a quiet evolution – their 2007 folk-rock debut A Celebration of Hunger didn’t create too much buzz, but 2009’s Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World unleashed a more fuzzed-out rockabilly sound which got them larger notice outside of their home state. Their raucous, alcohol-fueled live shows didn’t hurt either, and they garnered some serious street cred when Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles proclaimed them the greatest band in the world.

Now the band has released their third full-length, Shake My Head (on Chapel Hill’s own Odessa Records) and it’s pure gold; a 10-track, 35 minute barnburner of an album which eschews the earlier country sound in favor of a harder-rocking sound. 

Titus Andronicus @ The Black Cat 4.27.11 (DC)

So when I'm wrong I'm apparently REALLY wrong.

I'll admit it. I wasn’t (until now) the world’s biggest fan of Titus Andronicus's last release, The Monitor. In fact if it hadn't been for Paul (CG contributor) telling constantly telling me how awesome this band really is I wouldn't have even ended up at this show.

But holy shit, am I glad I did.

Something that I think can get lost in today's world of instant access and always on media is that at the end of the day, musicians are supposed to play music. Just because you can put something out there doesn't necessarily mean you should, and if you are in a band, your job, by definition is to go out and play in front of people. And be good at it. It's a little thing that so many bands get wrong, or worse, don't care about.

But not Titus Andronicus. They f@#@ing get it.

Titus Andronicus @ The Black Cat TONIGHT!!

Live in the DC area? Want to get your rock on? Then I hope you got your ticket because this show is completely SOLD OUT!

We'll be there, but something tells me our glasses might be a little indistinguishable in the crow they are gonna be bringing, so good luck finding us!

Here's the video for their song A More Perfect Union from their 2010 relases The Monitor  to either get you excited or ensaddened, depending on you ticket situation.