Tommy James

Rocktober Day 24: Tommy James and The Shondells - 26 Greatest Hits


Words: Michael Van Pelt, part-time lo-fi engineer, full-time Blitzen Trapper bassist.

Sinfully and deliciously bad. Well at least that album cover is, what with the sweaty locks and nappy chest hair rubbing on white polyester. This two record set ("as advertised on T.V.") is so damn good it makes you wonder why all rock n roll can't be this fun. Tommy James sold so many records it's not even funny, and sold them in a time when rock was becoming very serious and self-aware. Tommy didn't give two damns.

He had 23 gold singles.

He was friends with Hubert Humphrey.

He wrote infectious melodies on top of fat beats.

He is the sweaty, smiling, saccharine great-uncle of Pop Rock - and I love the guy.


Kevin here. HUGE thanks to Michael and all the guys in Blitzen Trapper for participating in this years Rocktober.  Hilariously enough this record proper can only be found on 8-track, so in lieu of having our own copy to hand out (if anyone finds the vinyl, CALL US!) you're gonna have to do with the modern version of this sweaty classic that we've posted below.

Blitzen Trapper plays The Black Cat TONIGHT with Dawes. We'd better see your ass there. 


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