Turquoise Jeep Records

LIVE: Turquoise Jeep @ The Howard Theater - 8.21.13

LIVE: Turquoise Jeep @ The Howard Theater - 8.21.13

One of the most valuable things an artist can have in their arsenal is the ability to give precisely zero fucks and shrug off anything any critic can say towards them continuing steadfastly forwarding their mission. In today’s world of overexposure and commercialization as much as artists seek the limelight and the praise of blogs and writers, they fear and become crippled by any backlash leveled their way. In an age where bands hold baited breathe for when their Pitchfork review will run and what score it gets, seeing a group of five men on stage having a blast and clearly not caring what anyone thinks of them or their brand is a breath of fresh air. Turquoise Jeep don’t care what you have to say about them, they don’t care what boxes you put them in: Da Jeep will ride on no matter what.

LIVE: Turquoise Jeep @ U Street Music Hall - 11/20/12

Their origins are mysterious. They are record label. They are a collective. Their musical styling’s are often over the top ridiculous, yet they may be the model for how to be a musician in the modern era. But most of all, they are super sexed up pimp machines from some infinitely cool alternate universe and last week their ride pulled up to U Street Music Hall where they proceeded to smash, bang and possibly fertilize the nearly sold out crowd.

On the surface, what artists Flynt Flossy, Whatchyamacallit, Pretty Raheem, Yung Humma, Slick Mahony (who is not on tour) and Tummiscratch Beats offer is a lewd and often hilarious trip back to a time when the music was simple, the sentiment straight from the heart and absolutely EVERYTHING was sexy. If you’ve seen any of the band’s videos – the most famous of which features Yung Humma introducing the word “smang” (to smash and bang) into the greater lexicon, then you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect at a Turquoise Jeep show. But a funny thing happens on the way from the small screen to the stage. Not only do the members of Da Jeep take this stuff very seriously, but they very seriously kill it.

TO DO LIST: Turquoise Jeep @ U Street Music Hall TONIGHT!!!

In 2009, Flynt Flossy along with co-riders Whatchyamacallit, Pretty Raheem, Yung Humma, Slick Mahony  and Tummiscratch Beats had  dream: Make music that they love and deliver it to the masses. That’s not really a success or failure proposition, nor one that needs validation,  but the fact that their video for  “Lemme Smang It” has racked up over 10 MILLION hits on Youtube since its release in 2010 might be at least a small indication that this mysterious collective is onto something.  Is it ridiculous? Hell yes it is. But it, along with the rest of the songs in the Jeep’s ever expanding catalog are delivered with such skill and conviction that it’s impossible to deny. Laugh if you must, how many artists do you know of who can fearlessly rhyme “smash/bang fusion” with “coochie contusion,” all while busting dance moves that would do the King of Pop proud?

They’ve delivered acclaimed sets at the likes of SXSW and more recently Fun Fun Fun Fest (both in Austin) and tonight it’s our turn DC, as Jeep will at long last roll into town to spread the love (and other things) all over U Street Music Hall. Fans of the Jeep no doubt already have their tickets in hand, but there’s always room for more. So suit up, hop in, and get ready to experience a night of music unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – it’s going to be a wild ride. 

Tickets are still available HERE. Come prepared to smash and bang this joint.