Typhoon @ 9:30 Club - 1/31/2018

Typhoon @ 9:30 Club - 1/31/2018

Telling a single story throughout the course of an entire album is not easy - however, the Portland-based band Typhoon has been receiving critical acclaim for doing just that on their latest album, Offerings. An album five years in the making, it was described by bandleader Kyle Morton as “a record from the perspective of a mind losing its memory at precisely the same time the world is willfully forgetting its history.” It’s not hard to see why the reviews are so positive - the storytelling is as captivating and heartbreaking as anything the band has released thus far while retaining the band's grandiose musical spirit. It’s an album that demands to be listened to in full.

Final Thoughts On The 2011 Newport Folk Festival

It’s taken over week, but we’ve finally got our thoughts in order (you can see all of our pics here) concerning 2011’s Newport Folk Festival. Before we dive in and try to break down each days experience though, I’d like to let you in on a little secret: Without exaggeration, The Newport Folk festival is possibly the best festival running in the country right now.

Sure it’s smaller (only 10K people this year…which was a sell out for the first time in the festivals history) and sure you may not see the biggest, most hyped new favorite band there. But what you will see is music created for people who truly love music BY people who truly love music. You see, unlike other larger festivals that often end up feeling more like a showcase for whatever band is being pushed at the moment than an actual meeting of the musical minds, at Newport the musicians simply came to play.

Sit in’s with other bands abounded and backstage partnerships were made hourly. There was a sense of community, a “we’re all in this together”-ness that permeated each and every set of the weekend, and made for a thrilling 2 days of music. Even better, if a band wasn’t playing, they could often be found watching as part of the audience, and aside from the occasional pat on the back or handshake and congratulation on their set, they were able to simply carry on like any other Festival attendee.

Daily Listen: Newport Folk Festival Preview - Typhoon

A giant little band that you've probably never heard of, Typhoon is racking up the accolades left and right. With their new EP, A New Kind Of House, garnering endorsements from the likes of NPR's Bob Oilen endorsements of Bob Boilen( “absolutely stunning” and “so beautiful, it make’s me want to follow every single thing Typhoon does.”), Greg Kot of The Chicago Tribune (the “coolest little orchestra”) and Absolute Punk([A NEW KIND OF HOUSE] “is the sort of album that makes me feel excited about music all over again.”) the group won't be little for long.

The band takes the Harbor Stage at 12:30pm on this Saturday, but if you not lucky enough to be there with us, never fear! They're touring the US right now and will be coming to a town near you soon enough!

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