Use Your Illusion

Rocktober Day 15: Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusions I & II


Oh where to begin?

In 1991 Guns N' Roses were perhaps the biggest band in the world. Though at the time they had only released one album proper, that record, Appetite For Destruction turned out to be one of the biggest, baddest and best albums of all time. Here was a record that kicked open the door to “hard rock” for the masses that previously eyed the art form as something that was a) for kids and b) maybe even a little bit scary. More importantly though, even though it would go on for a little while longer, and even though mountains of hair most definitely had their place in GNR, it effectively sounded the death-knell for the hair metal movement of the 80’s. It was raw, gritty, and dangerous, and the band that created it deserved every comparison to the Stones or Led Zepplin that it received

Needless to say, expectations where high for the next record...which would take almost 4 years to make.

That’s a long time between records back then. Hell, that’s a long time between records now. But logic would dictate that if you’re going to take that long then your going to come away with some sort of masterpiece, right? Well Guns N' Roses came away with a masterpiece alright, but not really in the way they envisioned.