"VRY BLK" - Jamila Woods

"VRY BLK" - Jamila Woods

Sounds Like

Kehlani; Jhene Aiko; a proud declaration of being black wrapped in the sound of summer

Why You Should Care

Jamila Woods gained recognition singing the chorus of Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment’s song, “Sunday Candy”, but the Chicago-based singer/poet has just released her debut album of great R&B jams, entitled HEAVN, that should give her even more deserved attention. One of the standout tracks on the LP is “VRY BLK,” a song that is as clever in its wordplay as it is proudly defiant in the face of police brutality. Woods keeps Chicago in the mix, adding rapper Noname to the song for a breezy verse. As relevant as the lyrical content is today, the production values backing up her great voice makes this a quintessential summer song. But surprise - this summer jam actually has an important message.