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TO DO LIST: STTPfest 2012 - Friday 10/5 - Sunday 10/7

Hey guys...just wanted to let you in on something (like you didn't know.) There's this thing going on this's freakin' HUGE. No I'm not talking about VirginFree Fest - though that is pretty killer. I'm talking about a city wide, veritable EXPLOSION of music that is this years Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie - STPP for short - music festival.

Now in its third iteration, the brainchild of zomghowdoesheevengetanysleep musician/promoter Dave Mann is taking over more venues, with even more bands decending on our fair city, all with one thing in mind: To rock your f@#@in' face off. How can you get in on the action you ask? Simple. SHOW UP. 

All day long at venues across the city, bands will be doing their thing and the only thing they ask in return is that you come rock with them. Sure a few of the venues will be charging a cover, and it's HIGHLY recommended that if you see a band you like you find a way to give them your hard earned cash, but in the end, they love music, you love music and everyone wins this weekend.

Check out the press release below for more details. We'll be out all weekend long live tweeting and uploading photos to our stream, so stay tuned for links to that and head off into this incredible weekend of music knowing this: For those about to rock, WE SALUTE YOU!

See you in the trenches kids!

Here's your press release.