Vivian Girls

TO DO LIST: Crocodiles @ The Black Cat TONIGHT!!

Sounds Like: Jesus & Mary Chain, Ravonettes, Vivian Girls, Every bad-ass fuzz band on earth.
Why You Should Go: Because gorgeous sunny Saturday activities should be followed with a scorching dose of dark reality and noise.

Dreading Monday, when you slog back to work and make up something to say you did over the weekend to hide the fact that you spent 48 hours in your basement with a case of cheap beer, playing Dungeons and Dragons with your hamsters?  Black Cat is here to save you from ignominy and disgrace, by bringing Crocodiles to the mainstage for all the 80’s throwback distortion your face can handle.

If you’re not familiar with Crocodiles, think of every song the cool kids in your college dorm listened to, then multiply that by a thousand dark lyrics and three more layers of reverb.  Hailing from San Diego, where the weather is perfect and the beaches are free, Crocodiles beats back comparisons to California happy distortion bands like Best Coast by dressing like the Ramones and singing songs with titles that include “I Wanna Kill” and the brilliant “All My Hate and My Hexes are For You,” off 2010’s Sleep Forever.  The band thrives on delivering dark and gloomy lyrics on a big old platter of fuzzy, skunky pop, and you can even dance to it if you’re so inclined.  

They’ve collaborated in the past with members of The Slits and Dum Dum Girls, and are touring to promote the most excellent new release Endless Flowers, so drag your butt out of the basement and down to the Black Cat on Saturday and see what turns up.  Be sure to bring your earplugs, cause it’s about to get LOUD up in here.  Tickets available HERE.

TONIGHT!: La Sera @ The Red Palace!!!

Quick question: What are you doing this Friday night?  Getting drunk at an overcrowded bar?  Standing in line to see some $200M blockbuster movie that you will be able to stream on demand in a few months?  Fighting your cats for a sandwich?

Nah, of course're cooler than that.  You're going to join us at Red Palace to experience La Sera's (Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls fame) unique and infectious brand of girl group influenced pop-punk.   Touring in support of her standout second album, Sees the Light, Ms. Goodman is sure to pack more excitement into the Red Palace's intimate space than you'll see in any theater this weekend.  And hey, you can have a few brews with the CG crew too (just leave the cats at home).

Here's a taste of what you can expect.  Tickets are still available - we'll see you there.